Building Bridges: 10 Ways to Effectively Use B2B Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is evolving. If you're an expanding business, you need to utilize the benefits of B2B digital marketing. Here's how it's done!

By Kompass International

Building Bridges: 10 Ways to Effectively Use B2B Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is evolving. If you’re an expanding business, you need to utilize the benefits of B2B digital marketing. Here’s how it’s done!

The average internet user spends 24 hours per week online, according to the Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg. The same study shows that people were spending much less time online in 2000: about 9 hours per week.

Marketers go to where people spend their time. In the modern age, marketers have to go online if they want to reach their audience.

Digital marketing provides many other benefits. It lets you get to know your audience, engage with them, and provide value to them through an ongoing relationship.

Here are 10 ways to effectively use B2B digital marketing:

1. Find Your Ideal Customers

B2B digital marketing enables you to target your ideal customers instead of trying to reach everyone.

Targeting specific customers is an efficient use of marketing time and resources. Target customers are going to be more open to hearing what you have to say than the general audience.

They are more likely to engage with you. They are more likely to respond to what you have to offer.

They speak your language. They understand your services. They need your products.

This leads to higher conversion rates. It leads to satisfied customers. It results in higher returns on your marketing investments.

2. Generate Leads

You work hard to create solutions that work. However, if potential customers aren’t aware of your services, nothing else matters.

You need a lot of leads. On average,  e-commerce sites convert 2-3% of visitors into customers.

Digital marketing allows you to generate these leads by using different sources, like social media, search engine traffic, and paid advertising. Once potential customers come in the door, they’ll learn about how you can help them.

Some of these leads will become potential customers, one-time customers, recurring customers, and loyal customers. Most will not. It’s time to find more leads.

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3. Get to Know Your Audience

Who are your ideal customers? What are their hopes, dreams, and fears?

What are their biggest struggles? Why are they coming to you?

Digital marketing provides many ways for you to learn about your audience. You can tune-in to the conversations they’re having in social media.

You can find out what questions they’re asking in Quora. You can interact with them directly through emails, surveys, social media, and chat on your website.

You’ll be able to serve your audience better if you know more about them. By getting inside their minds, you’ll be able to offer better solutions. You’ll be able to tell stories that connect with them in a deeper way.

4. Provide Value

B2B online marketing allows you to give value before you ask for anything in return. You can educate and help potential customers before you ask for a sale.

It builds trust with them. It signals to your audience that helping them is your priority.

Producing high-quality content improves search engine rankings. It also establishes you as a leader and authority in your market.

When you provide value to your audience, they feel like you understand their challenges. When they’re ready to buy, they’ll go to you.

5. Develop Relationships with Leads

B2B web marketing gives you tools to have an ongoing conversation with your audience. They can follow you on social media, subscribe to your email newsletter, or read your new blog posts.

To build a relationship, your customers need to know about more than the services and products you offer. They need to know your mission, values, and goals. They need to know why you’re in business.

You can organically tell them about your offers when the time is right. They will buy from you when the time is right. Because it’s an ongoing conversation with your leads, there’s no rush.

A relationship is a 2-way street. You need to listen to your audience. You need to engage with them.

6. Engage with Your Audience

With digital marketing, you can engage with your audiences in different ways. Here are a few examples: social media posts, blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, and email newsletters.

You can engage with your audience for many different reasons:

  • To educate them
  • To let them know about your stories
  • To build trust
  • To raise awareness about your offers
  • To help them make more informed decisions

An engaged audience is likely to pay attention when you have something to say. That audience will buy from you, spread your message, and refer others to you.

7. Get Closer to the Sale

The end goal of generating leads and engaging with them is to generate sales. That’s how your business survives and thrives.

There are many ways to get them closer to the sale before you ask for the sale. Reduce the friction between your potential customer and your offer by answering common questions and objections.

Use testimonials and case studies to show the results other customers got by using your products. Tell leads about the benefits and features of your services so they can see how you can solve their problems.

Every time your audience tunes-in to listen to your message, they’re saying yes. The more times they say yes along the journey, the more likely they are to say yes to your offer.

8. Get Feedback from Customers

Digital marketing allows your customers to tell you what they think about your products and services. Tune-in, listen and learn.

Sure, they’ll tell you what they don’t like. That’s good. This gives you an opportunity to make things right with them.

Customers will also tell you about how they use your products. They’ll tell you the future enhancements they’d like to see. They’ll tell you what they love about your products.

These insights will help you develop better strategies.

9. Try Different Strategies

Digital marketing tools make it easy to test different strategies.

Use the scientific method to test strategies. Create a hypothesis, test it, and let the results prove or disprove your hypothesis. Do this over and over again.

  • Experiment with different social media channels. Find what works best for your company.
  • Experiment with different content lengths
  • Experiment with different types of content
  • Experiment with different offers.

You don’t need to predict the future. You just have to test and see what resonates. Then, simply do more of that.

10. Improve Your Services

Use the insights you gain from learning about your audience and engaging with them.

Use the insights to improve the messaging and positioning of your offers. Use it to provide more responsive customer service. Use it to optimize who you’re targeting, how you’re communicating with them, and how you’re serving them.

Boost Your Business with B2B Digital Marketing

Use B2B digital marketing for more leads, conversions, and referrals. That’s business success.


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