5 Ways to maximize your sales prospecting software

If you use a sales prospecting tool, here's how to get the most out of your software.

If you use a sales prospecting tool, here’s how to get the most out of your software.

With the right toolset, you can push your business to new levels of profit and success.
That’s assuming you know how to use those tools in an efficient manner.
Sales prospecting tools can be the key to breaching that important customer and company relationship.
Interested in taking your sales prospecting to a new level? Read on for more information.

Understanding Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is the process of tracking down and identifying potential customers for your product.

The entire purpose of sales prospecting is ensuring that your valuable time attracts only the best and most profitable potential customers. Understanding sales prospecting allows you to weed out the uncertain sales and poor numbers.

Getting the right client is tricky. It requires you to do your research, to approach them in a confident but careful manner, and handle each step of the sale with efficiency and honesty.

Finding the Right Sales Prospecting Tools

A good technique requires a good set of tools. There are many tools on the market, but we at Kompass Solutions offer only the best.

Starting off on your prospecting right with the most efficient tool selection is the most important rule. Settling for lesser quality to save money will only hurt you in the long run.

Tools like Kompass Solutions EasyBusiness gives you a potent age over similar prospecting tools.

The tips and tricks listed here work in perfect tandem with these prospecting tools.

Tips and Tricks

You understand what prospecting is, you have the right tools for the job, but now that you are dug in, what do you do?

Each step makes a difference, so you have to make it right. Keep these five tips in mind as you dive deep into your prospecting journey.

1. Genuine Connection Through Personal Contact

Prospecting is often fought against from the word go. Few people like to deal with a salesperson as they often feel like they are only seen as potential profit instead of a person.

When a customer feels like they are with someone who cares about their needs and desires, they are more open to working with them.

Good prospecting starts by establishing that genuine connection. That connection comes from how you contact them. This works best in a more personal fashion, like by email or phone. Some call this warm prospecting.

Do not demand anything when making a warm prospect. You are there to give information and make the customer feel wanted, welcome, and appreciated.

Find the common ground you share with the customer and emphasize it.

With the focus on them, the customer understands fast that this process is about earning their business in the long run.

2. Building a Thought Leadership Platform

Social media gives you a lot of opportunities for prospecting. You can track down and research a host of potential business to business clients on many forms of social media.

Tracking them down is a slow and complicated process. What if you built a place where they came to you?

Web presence outlets have started to give power to groups. By creating a group, you can bring in clients of like-minded interests.

These groups not only allow you to attract clients of a certain mind and need but allows them to feel more connected to you and those around them. This builds a following that will have lasting results if cultivated.

3. Discover Your Prospects Needs

Time and time again, the idea of prospecting comes down to finding clients whose needs match the goods and services that you provide.

One of the best ways to do this is by turning the usual sales call into a discovery call.

This means that when the time comes to pitch what you are selling, focus on asking and then answers the questions of what the customer needs. How best can you offer them what they desire?

As you work with them and discover their wants, your chances of landing that sale increase. Instead of trying to convince them, you are offering them what they want in the first place.

This makes them feel tailored to and allows them to see right away that they are working with someone who not only can but wants to help them.

4. Customer Referrals

Once you have some satisfied customers, they become another potent tool in your toolbox. How do you do this? You get them to advertise for you.

A customer is even easier to land when they can see positive recommendations from other customers. The problem is, most people, even when satisfied with the product and service, won’t go out of their way to recommend anything.

The key is to ask up front.

A surprising amount of people can do a lot of things you might not expect when given a clear call to action. When you’ve seen the true satisfaction of a completed business deal, act on that and ask your client if they could spread the word.

It feels intrusive and even demanding, but if you have provided a personalized and powerful service, the client may feel excited to do so!

5. Don’t Skip on Content

The most simple things can get lost in the details.

When pushing for a new client, do not skip out on giving them your best. This is even truer when it would be easier to do so.

Chances are that a client that is well prospected will fit well to your product and will want to see what you can do.

Don’t slack off because you have prospected well and found a good matching client. Give them all you have and show them the kind of product, service, and skills that will make them want to stay.

Utilizing Kompass Solutions

All of these tips are straight-minded and focused on that singular goal of getting a high number of high-quality prospective clients.

Kompass Solutions is here for that very goal every step of the way. We have a host of tools and powerful engines to keep your prospecting on track.

Powerful Prospecting Going Forward

Using your sales prospecting tools can be a complicated task, but with the right mind and right tools, you can’t go wrong.

Interested to hear more about Kompass Solutions and what we can do to help build your business right? Contact us today!


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