6 strategies for improving an organization’s B2B marketing funnel

18 May 2021

Learn effective strategies and solutions to empower B2B sales and marketing teams. This guide will 10X your organization's B2B marketing funnel.

By Kompass International

18 May 2021

The average B2B product company is currently investing 9.8% of its budget into marketing. Because this figure is so high, it’s imperative that your business also invest a large amount of money into B2B outreach. If you neglect to do this, you will have no chance against the competitors that are in some cases investing more money into marketing than into their core product.

But how can you boost your B2B marketing funnel? Here, we’ll give you some strategies and solutions that can ensure that your marketing team boosts your profits to a whole new level of success. Read on to learn some ways that you can make your ROI skyrocket in 2021.

1. Use data consulting services

One of the best ways to target your B2B marketing campaign is to look into the data that you already have about yourself and your clients. This data can help you to implement predictive models that lead to customer acquisition and retention. You should look into:

  • Customer profiles for businesses that have previously worked with you
  • What types of businesses appear to use your services most often
  • Areas of your website that most often lead to sales (and which areas people tend to bounce on)
  • Leads that you have obtained via your landing page or through social media
  • Your ROI on specific investments that you have made (and where spending your money was not worth the effort)

Professionals can help you analyze your data and provide insight into what you need to do with it. You will then be able to develop a customer spend model to upsell and cross-sell your products.

2. Use careful niche targeting

Your business should be marketed towards a specialized audience based on the findings of your data analysis. Many companies choose to target businesses more generally to extend their reach to many occupations, but this is unlikely to make you stand out. Those that would otherwise use your business may also question whether you actually have the knowledge of their industry required to assist them with their needs.

Carefully target businesses in an industry that you have a thorough understanding of. You will then have the chance to become a leader in that market and make connections with other businesses that see you as a reputable organization. Specializing in a given area defines your brand differentiators more easily and lets you invest in B2B efforts that actually convert.

3. Direct mail marketing campaigns

One of the best things about identifying a niche target audience is that direct mail campaigns are made easier. Take the preexisting data and the area of expertise that you’re targeting and compile an email list. Send direct emails to other businesses that have a personal feel to talk about the benefits of working with you. Make sure that these emails include:

  • A personalized greeting (you can insert receiver names into nearly any template)
  • Information about your company
  • Ideas for the types of companies that you are targeting (make your email specific to their industry- this makes you seem more knowledgeable and reputable)
  • Exclusive B2B deals that you are offering on your services
  • Links to video content and official blog posts (to drive traffic to your website)
  • A form that business owners can fill out when they’re interested in your B2B services

Direct mail is a great way to ensure that your information gets to those who need it. It also makes receivers feel personally selected to invest in a unique and targeted service.

4. Invest in web design and development

We brushed on driving web traffic as a goal of B2B marketing, but in order for this to be effective, you need to have an engaging and informative website. This means that you need to invest in web design strategies that make your business stand out.

Having hand-drawn graphics gives your page a personal touch and including a dark mode option makes your page more readable. Since 73% of consumers (including B2B clients) are more likely to invest in a service after seeing video content about it, it’s also imperative that you add videos to your landing page.

You also must ensure that your webpage works in a user-friendly fashion. Make sure that load times aren’t too long- this works wonders to decrease bounce rates since people only tend to linger on a slow site for 15 seconds before leaving. You also need to make sure that you have a search function and user-friendly navigation for your blog and services.

5. Effective lead magnets

You will need to create a good lead magnet to maximize your ROI from web design and development. This means giving a desirable incentive for business leaders and marketing teams that leave their contact information in a web form on your page. Some incentives may include:

  • Exclusive deals on services that they purchase (coupon codes, etc)
  • A newsletter subscriptions that includes key information on how they can boost their business within their specific industry
  • A free trial of your B2B services
  • A swag bag that includes personalized pens, coffee cups, T-shirts, etc

Make sure that your form asks for their name, occupation, industry, and email address. Asking for a link to their webpage may also make them feel valued and give you more insight into the specific interests of your clients.

6. Web presence boosters

To make the most of all of these B2B strategies and more, you will need to become part of the global B2B community. This means registering for a detailed company profile in a database that potential clients and partners can see. Doing so will help those who need your services to find you more easily through the registry.

In addition to targeting relevant businesses, you also will broaden your global ranking by boosting your web presence on Kompass’s B2B Global portal. This free listing also helps you to access responsive web design and development strategies and showcase detailed information on your business, product, and services.

Improve your B2B marketing funnel today

While B2B sales and marketing can be a challenge, it’s simple when you have the knowledge, technology, and professional assistance that are needed for success.

Contact us with any remaining questions that you have about improving your B2B marketing funnel. Our experts will point you in the direction of the tools and resources that you need to succeed on your next campaign. We look forward to helping you attract clients and boost your ROI, so we’re excited to get in touch.


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