7 Effective Big Data Analytics Tools Your Business Should Use

You can have lots of data, but how you analyze it determines how useful it is to your business. Here are big data analytics tools you should be using.

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Data is at a premium in today’s modern business world: the more you have, the more insight your business can obtain on its consumers.

Be that as it may, there are two main questions those companies should be asking themselves: “What’s the best big data analytics tool for my business?” and “How can I use said tools to analyze the data I’m given?”

Both questions can be answered by simply listing out the top big data analyzing tools and filtering down to your needs from there.

Lucky for you, we’ve relieved you of that first portion by listing out 7 effective big data analytics tools below.

7 Effective Big Data Analytics Tools

With all the different names and sizes of big data tools out there, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.

We suggest taking two tools from this list that sound most compatible with your company’s needs, comparing them side-by-side, and considering your marketing approach from the tools you choose.


First on our list is Elasticsearch, an analytics software dedicated to providing you all the latest data in an easy to read format.

Just as its name implies, Elasticsearch goes above and beyond to provide you the opportunity of selecting several searches in unison.

If you’re not the most terminology-savvy, this big data tool helps lessen the load of having to get up to speed, so that you can focus on other aspects.

It also provides exceptional security and supervising to ensure that only people with your permission are reading up on the data you request.

Kompass Data Consulting

If you’re looking to analyze your customer’s habits to restructure your business model, this is the exact tool you need!

This consulting tool can study your customer’s spending model to maximize site visits.

It can also help you see the potential of up-selling certain products while cross-selling others with client traits.

Have you ever been worried that your marketing push is having a negative effect on your customers?

Not to worry, our data consulting tool measures that and provides a score that you can track.

Have this tool in your back pocket for any adjustments to market trends… it’ll pay off tremendously!

Sky Tree

Sky Tree is a tool in which its full potential can be unleashed with a knowledgeable data scientist controlling it.

Its calculated algorithms provide highly-efficient predictions, with the information it retrieves.

If, however, you don’t have a data scientist on staff, not to worry!

Sky Tree offers instructions on how to fully maximize its potential and adapt it to your company’s big data searching needs.

If your company is weighing out the value of purchasing a big data analytics tool, this one may justify the purchase with all the various products available on it.


EasyBusiness allows companies to target customers on a global scale.

Why stick to the niche batch of clientele that you’ve obtained, when you can spread the word to over 1 million people?

This tool allows you to study your customer’s profiles and traits to target new potential clients following the same profile.

EasyBusiness leads you straight to the decision makers. No more wasting time fiddling around with the gatekeeper.

If you’re looking for a quick and productive streamline to your data researching, EasyBusiness is the way to go.

Apache Spark

From the makers that brought you Hadoop, Apache Spark offers a widespread of big data processing with quick processing time.

Significant machine learning and streaming are the mainstays for this big data tool.

It has over 80 operators to build parallel apps with ease and also provides support for the more advanced analytics that you may require.

It’s compatibility with Hadoop make it very valuable to giving your business an all-encompassing, open source big data analytics tool.


Even with all the data that you will have available to you, it can be hard to decipher connections between the various items that are listed.

Lumify takes in the big data you’ve gathered, analyzes it, and then provides visualization tools to explain the data in easy-to-understand documents.

It pairs nicely with your entire analytical system and uses the other analytic tools that you have to make them easier to understand and compile.

Imagine standing lost in a forest of data, Lumify is the easy-to-read map that provides a path through all of it for you.

You are using this data to reach more customers; which means you need to be able to comprehend it.


Does your company want a jack-of-all-trades, no-nonsense big data facilitator as its analytics source?

If so, R is exactly the software that you’re looking for.

R is a free software platform with tremendous storage and security capabilities.

It provides several operators that are used in data projections, analysis, and display. This gives you customization for data analysis and trend research.

If your average big data tool is a “toolbox”, then consider R the “tool shed” that can provide a service for any need your company has.

Gather the Data, Then Take Action

Once you’ve found the big data analytics tool to best ingrain into your company’s system, it’s time to gather the data you’ve been longing for.

After your data has been organized, studied, and simplified, it’s time for you to turn that information into action.

Whether it’s boosting your web rankings or increasing your sales performance, we at Kompass can help your company reach its fullest potential.

Be sure to check out our article on using B2B digital marketing for more ideas on how to take the data you’ve compiled and reach your target market.

Have more questions? We’d love to hear from you! You can also reach us at +33 1 43 34 34 34 for more inquiries.


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