7 ways to win B2B clients for your construction company

21 December 2020

If you have a construction company, you want B2B clients. Trust us. While every construction company is different, there are crucial.

Kompass International

By Kompass International

21 December 2020

Trying to find new clients for your B2B construction company can be tricky, to say the least. You may feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks and floating by on your current customer base. So how do you reliably grow your client base and keep your business going strong?

A few tried and true tips can help you bring in more customers for your construction company. Read on to discover some of the best techniques you need to be using.

Walk a mile in customers’ shoes.

Before you can reel in your new clients, you need to find them, and to find them, you need to think like them. When you’re trying to grow your client base, start by making a model customer for your company. This description should be as detailed as possible, including specific industry information and even demographic information for your clients’ representatives.

Once you have your target customer drawn out, it’s time to map their buying journey. This is the process by which your clients discover they have a need, research solutions and providers, learn about you, research your services, contact you, and finally make a purchase. The more you can map this process out, the more you’ll be able to get information in the right places to draw customers in.

Promote word of mouth

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have at your disposal. Think about how many of your current clients have come as the result of a referral from another client or a personal connection. When someone we trust tells us a service is worthwhile, we’re more likely to rely on that trust and use that service.

Provide incentives for your current clients to spread the word about your company to their networks. Offer them discounts or cash rewards for your services every time someone they refer purchases from you. Excellent customer care is also a critical part of this, so make sure you’re going above and beyond to keep your clients satisfied.

Host online events

One of the best things you can do to win clients for your B2B construction company is to host online events. When new customers find out about you, they’ll want to size you up and make sure you’re a company they can trust. A great way for them to get to know you and your expertise better is to host online events.

Offer workshops for companies considering new construction on how to determine what exactly they need. Host tours of your facility or Q and A sessions with your top executives. You can also host virtual meetups for different industry leaders to network, talk shop, and ask any questions they may have about the construction process.

Attend virtual trade shows

Trade shows can be powerful tools for connecting with potential clients and growing your network. And with virtual trade shows on the rise, you can use these as an opportunity to grow your web presence in the industry.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person events have been canceled, so your usual trade shows might not look the same this year. But many trade shows are opting for an online format, which can be almost as good as the real thing. Plan to attend these virtual events, and make an effort to do even more networking and customer contact during these shows as you would at the in-person version.

Develop strong content

Once you have a gorgeous website, it’s important to make sure you have strong content for those pages. Looks will only get you so far, and you need to make sure your content is offering potential clients value. This will help keep both current and future clients engaged and will build their trust in your expertise.

Create and share content that potential customers will find useful in their construction journey. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your area’s expertise and become a source of information for people researching construction information. Also, make sure all your content is branded so you can continue to grow your brand identity.

Promote your products

Promote your products in key marketplaces to generate B2B traffic and leads. Use the Kompass database and SAAs Solutions to find new customers. This will also help you find distributors locally and globally.

Promoting your products through these marketplaces and databases will get you wider exposure. This can bring in more clients, which will raise your bottom line and ensure everyone goes home with a larger paycheck and your company continues growing and becoming successful. Companies like Kompass can provide you the sort of exposure you need with high-spending clients who are looking for the kinds of custom-tailored solutions your business can provide.

Get more clients for your construction company.

Trying to find clients for a B2B construction company can feel a lot like fishing in the dark. But with the right initiatives, it doesn’t have to be. Get to know your target clients, build a strong online presence, focus on networking opportunities, and make sure you’re always providing value to current and future customers.

If you’d like to improve your B2B marketing skills, check out the rest of our Kompass site. We are your route to business worldwide. Check out our solutions today, and start refreshing your sales and marketing data.


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