9 tips for writing effective B2B email subject lines (with examples)

24 March 2021

Looking to write the perfect business email? It's not as hard as you might think to get started. Here are some of the best B2B email subject lines.

Kompass International

By Kompass International

24 March 2021

Entrepreneurs often pursue email marketing due to its notably high return on investment potential. For many people, though, coming up with the ideal B2B email subject lines can prove to be a significant challenge.

Listed below are some of the most efficient adjustments you can make to your copy to increase your open rate.

Let’s take a look at nine tips you should keep in mind.

1. Keep things brief

It should come as no surprise that brevity is an essential attribute of a successful subject line. This is especially important to remember since it’s highly recommended that you keep your subject line a maximum of five or six words.
 Although there may be times where you’ll need to surpass this word count, shorter is generally better than longer.

Otherwise, your reader will likely lose interest and avoid reading the rest of your email.


  • Winter 2020 deals for you!
  • We’re going live tonight on Instagram!

2. Include a solid CTA

You can’t expect your readers to take the action you desire if you don’t gently nudge them in that direction. Fortunately, having a strong CTA is a great way to facilitate this.

Solid CTAs always have action-based words, such as 
’sign up,’ ‘check out,’ ‘join,’ etc.
 This will give your audience a direct action to take, which will drastically increase the chances of doing so.


  • Tune in to our podcast!
  • Get your free industry guide eBook!

3. A splash of capitalization is all you need

It can be tempting to type in all caps to get your audience’s attention. Unfortunately, this will typically either come off as abrasive or give the impression that your message is spam.

Some users may even unsubscribe from your mailing list if you continually send messages like this.

Instead, use capital letters strategically to emphasize certain parts of your subject line. The segment that you format in this manner should aim to capture their attention.


  • Essential industry trends [2021 REPORT]
  • ANNOUNCEMENT— We’re on Instagram!

4. Ask your audience a question

Asking a question is a simple yet effective way to build engagement with your audience. The question doesn’t need to be inherently complex to elicit this response.

You can go a long way by asking a question that your audience needs to open your email to find the answer to. The more interesting the question, the greater chance your target demographic will want to learn more.


  • Which 2021 model is your favorite?
  • How do you like our prototype?

5. Personalization is key

Adding a touch of personalization is a highly efficient way to increase your open rate. Not only does this show your reader that the email contents are relevant to them, but they’ll also appreciate being addressed by name.

This has the added benefit of helping cultivate increased trust in your brand.

In contrast, you won’t get the same results by saying something like ‘Dear Valued Customer,’ which gives the impression that the message was created with no human involvement.


  • David — Review changes to your agreement
  • Kathy, your wholesale supplier matter

6. Promote exclusivity

People love to be included, even if they aren’t necessarily interested in the group they’re included in. By establishing exclusivity with your message, you’ll drastically increase the chance of them opening the rest of your email.

This is particularly effective when you also provide a discount, early access, etc.


  • Early access to our warehouse restock
  • Exclusive webinar tonight for select clients

7. There’s strength in numbers

Numbers are the most straightforward content that you can present to your audience. As such, they’re highly effective at compelling readers to open your message.

Statistics, milestones, etc., are all concrete ways you can incorporate numbers in your subject line. This becomes increasingly true the more relevant the numbers are.


  • Five ways we’re fighting COVID-19
30% of clients prefer these materials

8. Establish a sense of urgency

As with exclusivity, urgency can be a powerful attribute that can drastically increase your open rate. This only works, though, if the deadline is relatively soon.

For example, telling your audience they only have three more weeks to make a decision can easily result in them forgetting about it entirely as the day goes on. Instead, you’ll want them to take action as soon as possible so that you can maximize the chances of increasing your total number of conversions.


  • Our wholesale deal ends tonight.
  • New report— projected trends for 2021

9. Offer something of value

You can’t expect 
your audience to be interested if you don’t provide them with value. The term ‘value’ here doesn’t necessarily equate to ‘expensive,’ either.

It could be a free sample of a product, discount, or even a guide that can help them navigate the industry. Even though these offers come at no cost to the user, they often come with plenty of inherent value.

If it’s something they continually use in the future, they’ll be reminded of your brand each time they do so.


  • Check out our comprehensive product listing.
  • Discount for first-time wholesale buyers

Writing the perfect B2B email subject lines can seem complicated.

But the above information will make the process far smoother. From here, you’ll be able to ensure that your B2B email subject lines strike the perfect balance between concise and compelling.

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.


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