A guide to 2021 sales trends for B2B marketing

18 January 2021

If you haven't begun to develop your 2021 B2B strategy, you need to start now. This is a guide to the 2021 sales trends for B2B marketing.

Kompass International

By Kompass International

18 January 2021

Over 80% of surveyed B2B marketers believe changes made in the last year may stay in effect. This means the pandemic now has a lasting impact on B2B sales and marketing. This directly affects your business ability to pivot to changing marketing and sales trends.

To stay ahead of these trends, it is crucial to consider what changes will impact your 2021 marketing strategy. Read this article to learn about important changes. Discover the potential impact on your business in the coming year.

Sales trends to consider for 2021

Adapting your 2021 marketing strategy also means finding new solutions to align with 2021 sales trends. Any strategy for sales and marketing follows the same basic tenets. These tenets include:

  • Engaging customers on scalable levels as your business grows
  • Finding new ways to optimize current and future campaigns
  • Updating existing processes for cost-effective solutions
  • Reliable lead generation for reliable prospecting
  • Better targeting and segmentation of clients
  • Identifying gaps in current markets

All of these goals remain consistent, regardless. Adaptation comes with solutions that make changing to new sales trends possible. Finding these solutions begins with the knowledge of which 2021 sales trends will affect your future strategy.

Data enrichment

Data enrichment helps you attract more customers with better targeting. Enriched data comes from reliable databases with consistent, credible directories. The right sales and marketing solutions use intelligent solutions.

Intelligent solutions are built using machine learning. Machine learning uses artificial intelligence to optimize the analysis and collection of data. Enriched data grants your strategy cutting edge information, boosting your chances of increased revenue.

These solutions help you reach the right B2B customers. Current B2B sales trends rely upon online prospecting more than ever before. Other benefits include:

  • Cost-saving with better data management and storage
  • Meaningful connections for B2B clients (current and future)
  • Nurture future leads with better segmentation
  • Align with B2B marketing trends via hyper-targeting
  • Remove useless or extraneous data clutter from current databases
  • Improve customer experiences with unique, client-specific data

Accessing these benefits means finding the right tools to make it possible. EasyBusiness by Kompass offers lead generation tools for key business buying indicators.

These prospecting tools help sales teams use enriched data to pick the best strategy. It also increases the number of closed deals by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of current deals.

With a directory of 43 million companies to choose from, your competitive analysis will change. Your new accessible online prospecting guarantees a chance at a better focus. Enhanced sales intelligence enhances your strategies.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics uses enriched data and machine learning to forecast future trends. These analytics can impact your ability to work with B2B sales trends. They can also support existing campaigns and optimize them for the future.

Predictive analytics boosts your business in several ways. These benefits include the following:

  • Creating a framework to ask the best strategic question for B2B sales trends
  • Use the latest information to analyze future B2B marketing trends
  • Bring the most accurate statistics to generate ideas for your 2021 marketing strategy
  • Adapt current processes into future ones and find new avenues for growth into tomorrow’s sales trends

Predictive analytics allow you to explore new avenues for future growth. With sales intelligence solutions like ByPath by Kompass, you can prospect better than ever before. Forecasting client needs and behaviors allows you to maximize your business revenue.

With this reliable resource, you will be able to capitalize on any future sales trends. You will experience better lead generation to establish critical business buying indicators (ahead of time). You will be able to choose the best strategy for target engagement optimizing sales and marketing campaigns.

You will close deals after evaluating potential strengths and weaknesses (before they affect the deal). With the ability to directly upload the most recent data into your CRM, your data forecasting will be cutting edge.

Conversational AI

You have already seen a need to increase real-time engagement with users. Current solutions for this include increasing customer service agents and better targeting efforts. Although data support better engagement, it is not the only solution for future sales trends.

Hiring staff for 24/7 support and service is a costly solution. There is no denying the benefit and necessity of human interaction in customer service; it is not cost-effective. The solution for maintaining high standards of service (and allowing current support agents the best opportunity to perform) is via machine learning.

Website chatbots integrate machine learning through artificial intelligence. You can find reliable chatbots on various platforms, either as extensions, integrations, or their own software. Using conversational AI can solve this problem in several ways:

  • Cost-effective solution to hiring live-support staff
  • Streamlines support tickets for service agents
  • Provides trackable metrics for new customer data
  • Creates data for new service, sales, and marketing campaigns

These are just a few possible benefits of implementing real-time engagement tools like conversation AI. Although not the only solution, it may prove more cost-effective and direct than other options.

The right solutions for your 2021 marketing strategy

Now you are aware of the upcoming sales trends for 2021; you need the right tools to adapt. Even if your business has already pivoted successfully, how much time went into selecting new resources? Your current tools may be getting your business by now, but there is no guarantee of scalability.

Kompass Global has the right solutions for your business. Our worldwide network, various tested tools for data, targeting, engagement, and attraction will support your business as it grows. Talk to our team today, find the right resources for you.


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