An organic and transparent future: Top marketing industry trends here to stay

22 March 2021

Marketing industry trends and driving digital transformation in the field and it's no wonder it will impact us all. Learn about these and more in our roundup.

Kompass International

By Kompass International

22 March 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had unprecedented consequences across the entire world. One of its many impacts is a drastic change in how businesses will market themselves in 2021.

So, you must remain fully aware of what to expect.

Not quite sure what you’ll need to keep in mind? Let’s explore all of the information you need to know about upcoming marketing industry trends.

A heavy emphasis on client satisfaction

More than ever before, companies will emphasize the importance of client satisfaction in 2021. A large contributing factor to this practice is the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in businesses across nearly every industry becoming accommodating to financial shortcomings.

For example, vendors have become far more flexible with their client agreements. Those who cannot satisfy their payment obligations have experienced much-needed leniency.

Now that this level of care has been shown, though, it can’t simply disappear at the end of this year.

People are now used to the way businesses prioritized client satisfaction in 2020, and many of these strategies will need to stick around. Some of these will include increased mobile app functionality, establishing communication channels to receive feedback, etc.


One of the most effective ways to stand out from your competitors is to take advantage of your marketing personalization. Most of your potential clients are used to getting tens or even hundreds of emails per day. An email that includes their name in the subject line is automatically more likely to get their attention.

You can take us a step further by incorporating other forms of personalization in your marketing. A typical scenario could involve a brand making a recommendation to a client based on past purchases or recently viewed items.

Put simply, anything that adds a human touch to marketing and makes your clients feel specifically catered to is worth utilizing in 2021.

A Focus on Voice Search

Although voice search isn’t exactly a brand new technology, it’s become more common than ever before. Interestingly, companies are now beginning to target keywords that people are likely to speak instead of type.

For example, a typical person looking for an industrial cable supplier might type “best industrial cable suppliers.” When using voice search, though, they might ask their device, “what are the best industrial cable suppliers?”

Although they used speech-to-text technology to complete the search, both the voice search and the typed search are analyzed in the same way by Google. This means that it’s worth it for your business to rework its target keywords to incorporate voice-searched keywords, as well.

The pursuit of featured snippets

For those who are unaware, there is a session of Google search results known as ‘featured snippets.’ It’s also known as ‘position zero.’

Regardless of what you choose to call it, this segment of Google’s results is located above the first actual link. In general, it’s an excerpt from an article or website that’s relevant to your search query.

As you might expect, having your website content in this location is far more likely to help you accrue additional impressions from your audience. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly clear how to achieve this position on Google.

Other professionals are working tirelessly to come up with a consistent way to do so. So, consider employing a firm that reliably offers this service to help you stand out from the competition in 2021.

For example, our Booster service can drastically increase your company’s online presence. This is achieved by developing a ‘company profile’ for your business that details your SEO objectives and establishes the type of content you prioritize.

For instance, a B2B company that provides a product that typically needs elaboration could create informative videos that they upload to their official YouTube channel or website.

Client retention + loyalty

As previously mentioned, many brands will enhance their client experience. But, they’ll also be prioritizing client retention and loyalty.

In general, this will be done by making more frequent contact with clients who have not interacted with a brand in a specific period. For instance, if someone hasn’t placed a new order within 90 days, the brand may reach out through email with a discount, special offer, etc.

But, they might also make contact with clients during other intervals, as well. These typically include the client’s birthday, the anniversary of their first purchase or account creation, etc.

By making these individuals feel valued and appreciated, you’ll be able to develop a stronger bond with them and generate increased overall loyalty from your audience.

Increased use of automation

As with voice search, automation isn’t anything new. You can expect many brands to use them differently from before in 2021.

More specifically, many companies will integrate automation that incorporates artificial intelligence. By removing the human element from this method, you’ll be able to take advantage of better performance and more accurate results.

One of the most promising ways businesses can use AI-based automation is predictive analytics. The software would analyze your company’s past performance, the way it has previously engaged with clients, etc., and then make predictions for the future that you could use in your next marketing campaign.

When implemented correctly, this will allow you to modify which points in your current marketing strategy while simultaneously capitalizing upon those that work.

Handling upcoming marketing industry trends can seem daunting.

But the above information will make the process far smoother.

From here, you’ll be able to fully prepare yourself for the marketing industry trends in 2021 and grow your business as efficiently as possible.

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.


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