Booster from Kompass: How to increase your online visibility and stand out from your Competitors

14 April 2021

You’re a small to medium-sized business owner. You want to grow in the B2B space, and you think strengthening your online presence might be the way to do that. If that’s you, Booster from Kompass might be just what you’re looking for.

By Kompass International

14 April 2021

If you’ve come this far, you already have the right idea. These days, 90 percent of people use search engines before buying. When it comes to B2B buyers, 80 percent of them do an internet search to find a solution to their problem.

And when they perform a search to find a solution, the top three search engine results get 90 percent of the clicks.

What does all this mean? It means it’s very important that you get the right tools to help your business stand out from the competition. In the online space, that means SEO.

Booster from Kompass helps with your SEO performance, drives potential customers to your inbox, and helps generate measurable ROI for your business. We offer guaranteed results and have a team of experts working to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

Maybe you already have a profile on the Kompass B2B business portal, and maybe you don’t. That’s just fine. Whatever your situation, let’s take a little time to talk about the value Booster by Kompass can provide for you.

What does Booster do for you?

So you’re on board with the whole idea of digital marketing. Let’s get down to the details about Booster from Kompass.

What is Booster, and what can it do for you? There are four main benefits to subscribing to Booster: an enriched digital profile, optimized visibility, guaranteed measurable results, and easy business inquiries directly from your profile.

But there’s a lot more to say about what Booster can do for you. Let’s get down to the details. With Booster from Kompass, you get:

1. An enriched digital profile

With Booster, you can add your company profile to our B2B business portal. This will allow you to display basic information about your organization, just like you can when you make the free company profile.

But when you subscribe to Booster, you get more options for your profile. With a subscription, you get to add things like product sheets, company descriptions, catalogs, news, and even videos.

Booster allows you to do more with the profile, so it does the selling for you. It turns your profile into an effective tool for getting the word out on your business and creating a new stream of inquiries.

2. Showcase Your Products

Most of the time (80 %), potential buyers will be searching by product or service, rather than by company name. This means your product pages are likely to be visited much more frequently than your company profile—on average, product pages in the B2B business portal are visited more than 1000 % more often than company pages.

So you get even more value out of your product pages than you do out of your company profile. Choice of keywords is important here, especially if you’re interested in expanding into the international market. With a Booster International subscription, you will have the ability to target keywords in up to 25 languages—boosting your international reach and getting your product pages in front of new customers.

3. Optimized visibility

With Booster by Kompass, you get increased visibility. You’ll be more visible on the Kompass B2B business portal, giving you one stream of inquiries coming directly from our site.

But that’s not all. You’ll also be more visible on Google and other search engines.

How does that work? See, the Kompass website has about 5.5 million unique visitors per month. It’s a very high-authority site. So when your organization is more visible on the Kompass B2B business portal, that’s also reflected in higher Google rankings.

That means Booster increases your organization’s visibility in two ways: internally via the B2B business portal, and externally via the SEO effects. This will keep you and your organization visible to interested, qualified B2Bs in more than 60 countries across the globe.

4. Guaranteed measurable results

Our customers trust us with one of the most important aspects of business growth. If you don’t get new customers, your business can’t grow. That’s why we take our responsibility to help our customers grow so seriously.

When you subscribe to Booster Click, Kompass guarantees that you will get 1,000 clicks to your Booster profile within a set period and targeting the country you are interested to go.

The Booster click package includes management of your PPC campaign and a targeted campaign—where you can choose among 60 countries and 25 languages.

It’s important that you know where your money is going. That’s why we’ll prepare a monthly report tracking what we’ve done on your account and measuring the ROI for your campaigns, every month. You’ll always know what we’re doing for you and what value we provide your business.

5. Easily get business inquiries directly from your profile

With a subscription to Booster, you can now get inquiries directly from your profile. Now your profile doesn’t just let people know your company exists. It becomes an active source of B2B leads in its own right. Your profile turns into a 24/7 salesperson, getting the word out on your company and driving business your way every day.

This all has to do with the main purpose of Booster from Kompass: making your online presence into an effective tool for bringing interested leads to your business.

What are people saying about Booster?

By now you already know what Booster can do for your company. But we can only tell you so much about ourselves. The real story is the story of our satisfied customers.

Here are a couple of short testimonials from customers who have successfully grown their businesses with Booster by Kompass.

“Thanks to Booster my company has a prominent presence in the B2B community and I am frequently contacted by clients looking for products from my sector on the Internet.”

—Xavier Serrat, Manager at Filto Profiles, Ltd.

“Thanks to Booster by Kompass, which we have been using for years, I could give more visibility to the company, increasing leads and traffic to the corporate website. A convenient solution that I would totally advise.”

—Nicola Tagliabue, Commercial Director at So. Tec, Ltd.

How to get started

If you’re interested in advertising with Booster by Kompass, or if you just want to learn more about your options, contact us. A representative will be happy to talk to you and let you know more about working with Kompass. We look forward to hearing from you!


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