Building Your Toolbox: 10 of the Best Sales Intelligence Tools for 2019

Using sales intelligence is one of the best ways to generate leads and increase sales. Learn more here about 10 of the best sales intelligence tools.

Using sales intelligence is one of the best ways to generate leads and increase sales. Learn more here about 10 of the best sales intelligence tools.

Sales intelligence is a businesses way to succeed in the modern age.

When strong sales intelligence tools are applied to areas like CRM (customer relationship management), world marketers can pull in $36 billion.

The reason?

Any form of practice with raised sales intelligence can get the job done better and more efficiently.

But, when it comes to sales intelligence in B2B relationships, what are the sales tools that truly make a difference?

Read on to learn how your business can make super high returns by introducing next edge sales intelligence tools.

Defining Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence can be aptly described as the information and technologies that help marketers and salespeople gain helpful insights into their customer’s buying behaviors.

SI describes leads and prospects as they relate to hard sales data. Meaning when purchases go up or down, true sales intelligence will study customer sales patterns and generate useful insights from them.

What Makes a Good SI Tool

Here are the qualities that define an effective SI tool:

  • Strong Lead Generation

This is the main hook for customer interest. A high-quality SI tool can cause your customers to grab hold of a campaign faster than traditional manual practices.

  • Upselling

When enough data is gathered on customer interest, sales intelligence can target their needs and enhance them over time. This process enables marketers to take the interests customers have and use a slider to increase their buying potential.

  • Prospect Organization

An SI can generate the best prospecting tools. This means that once a prospect is found and targeted, sales specialists can find all the ways a given prospect aligns with a business model. Once this is established, one can find a way to prioritize their interests and minimize the number of redundant categories that don’t apply to a customer.

  • Better Customer Experience

With sufficient data gathered, a good sales tool can figure out which parts of a given sales process customers best respond to. That is useful in keeping customers around for longer and giving them more incentive to follow-up on more services

10. Bypath

Bypath has linked in over 100+ million contacts thanks to smart Big Data analysis. Bypath is a comprehensive sales and prospecting tool that doesn’t limit itself to one category in sales.

What are the best qualities of Bypath?

  • Full-scale lead generation to focus on buying signals
  • Prospecting tools that help you figure out which method best moves a sale along
  • Faster lead to close, which helps sales specialists determine how to get a customer to buy
  • Provides updates from social media and the news
  • CRM integration

Perhaps the best quality of Bypath that isn’t common among the rest of SI tools is how it steps out of traditional ways of sifting through Big Data to give unique insights into prospects and hard leads.

This means Bypath ensures the expanding network in Big Data is revealed. By doing this, Bypath gives you the opportunity to see outside of normal channels of gathering buyer data.

On top of all this, Bypath can give you specific filters of businesses that are outdated, no longer exist, or are up and coming.

9. Uplead

Many kinds of sales intelligence software focus on one specific category. Uplead mainly focuses on prospect listing.

Uplead is good at filtering prospects by category, from the technologies being used to job titles. Where Uplead lacks is in the broadness of its application. While it is a solid prospecting tool, it remains specialized in this category.

8. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is another linear prospecting tool. What sets them apart is B2B interviews, which they conduct annually.

These interviews give DiscoverOrg a perspective of their overall prospects across the web.

Another thing that separates DiscoverOrg from other SI is its specific filtering settings. Each setting can help you figure out which technologies your prospects are using.

7. Clearbit

Clearbit is a helpful sales management tool. It has a few core qualities that put it on this list:

  • It finds contacts quickly
  • It sifts through customer contacts in pretty well
  • Lists company attributes

Clearbit also speeds up the process of sign-forms with an automated index feature, making it one of the more efficient data enrichment platforms out there.

6. Crystal

Like many of the tools on this list, few leverage big data to its full potential, but Crystal does have some nice qualities worth checking out:

  • Crystal targets social media accounts to figure out prospect personality.
  • Uses a personality test similar to Myers-Briggs called DISC to gauge client behavior.
  • Useful to improve pitches

One caveat of Crystal: its personality testing doesn’t account for client behaviors and lacks predictive analysis.

5. Propsify

Proposify is a prospecting tool that makes it easier to send proposals. It’s only a prospecting service, but it can come in handy.

Here’s what it can do:

  • Simplify proposals
  • Filter/Match proposal types to different businesses.

Though Proposify acts as an efficient prospecting tool, it lacks the ability to generate leads. It’s simply a single-purpose tool.

4. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a Google analytics hybrid that lets you see whose visiting your sites.

This lead generating technique is useful if you want a real-time view of whose expressing interest in your service by the number of views and session time.

3. Unomy

Unomy is useful for building outreach lists based on prospect analysis. This is done through profiling of contacts based on CRM data, social media, and other revealing info.

Unomy is another tool with a specific application that can help you make more loyal customers.

2. InsightSquared

Insight core parts of its solution involve sales testing and problem resolution:

  • Find problems with current sales processes
  • Spot market changes and suggests proper responses
  • Increase visibility

Caveat: if you use InsightSquared make sure to account for transactional delays between deals.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigation

If you’re in sales, you’ve heard of LinkedIn. Their sales tool uses prospect filtering based on job titles, responsibilities, and roles in companies.

This is a useful trait for figuring out which prospect is best to serve.

The trouble again, though, is the specificity of LinkedIn’s sales tool. It does not leverage Big Data as heavily as other tools and does not include a lead to a close solution that’s very fast.

How Do These Compare?

A good SI tool was defined at the top of this list. One tool should act as a comprehensive toolbox that takes advantage of Big Data’s network pattern, B2B contact lists, and offers regular updates.

Using Your Sales Intelligence Tools To Overtake The Competition

When it comes to B2B sales, truly innovative sales intelligence tools can do more than just generate leads and up contacts. True sales intelligence gives you unique insights into how to make a successful business in the modern age.

It’s your time to make it big in the digital transformation.

You can do this today by signing up for a cutting-edge tool that will take you past your competition. So what are you waiting for?

Get ready for accomplished B2B sales today by checking out Bypath intelligence.


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