How business intelligence is changing the future of customer service

Business intelligence incorporates tech tools and data to increase operational functionality. Learn how this is changing the future of customer service.

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Did you know that the global intelligence market is expected to grow $29.48 billion by 2022?

You may have heard of business intelligence as a recently trending buzzword. Many executives aren’t aware of the future of business intelligence.

Making business intelligence tools the priority in today’s marketplace is one of the most popular business methodologies that executives are starting to take advantage of.

Are you wondering what the future of customer service looks like being intertwined with business intelligence? We’ve created a complete guide to help you get a better insight into this topic. Keep reading to learn more!

Why does your business need business intelligence?

Did you know that Forbes found that 79% of business executives believe that if their company didn’t use business intelligence, that they will lose their competition and go extinct?

Using business intelligence will use data from several sources. This will allow your employees to make educated decisions with relevant information.

The future of customer service with business intelligence

Automation, data-driven, and collaboration will soon be the top focuses for businesses across the world. Let’s take a closer look at the future customer service that looks like business intelligence continues to develop:

Increase in remote working

As business intelligence continues to develop, the future of customer service will begin to encourage many customers to contact companies online. The demand for online customer service representatives increases. This will cause the need to pay for in-house employees to decrease.

Instead of paying for customer service representatives to be confined to the call center’s small quarters, customer service representatives will have more tools available to them by working remotely. This means that you won’t have to worry about the costs that come with running an office setting.

You’ll be able to focus on spending more money on training high-quality customer service representatives. Once they’re fully trained, they can work from the comfort of their home.

Your customer service representatives will be able to start working from home. Many of your other business services based on the technology will be able to do so as well. Social media management, live chat specialists, and other services will have the comfort of working from home.

You’ll quickly see a considerable cost reduction that comes from running remote offices.

Increase in video communication

Instead of relying on email and live chat to interact with your customers, this is intelligence will implement face-to-face video communication as the new method of contact for customers.

Video conference calls and video voicemail calls will begin to replace outdated email communication. By implementing video communication, a business will be able to improve customer relationships. This is done by creating a feeling of openness and ease of contact for your customers.

Personalized customer service training

Previous business models used the one-size-fits-all for customer service training. As business intelligence continues to develop, companies will have better insight into their customer data.

This will provide companies with the ability to identify the weaknesses and strengths of each customer service representative. By identifying these points, companies will be able to compare this to the customer data they’ve collected. As a result, this will allow businesses to uniquely train each customer service representative to match their customers’ specific needs to the strength of the customer service rep.

An increase in AI Technology to assist customer service representative

Many people believe that as business intelligence continues to advance, AI technology will be responsible for replacing customer service representatives.

Bots will be able to pick up where your customer service team isn’t delivering. For example, bots will be able to take over when your customer service team is on break or is home for the evening.

Another useful way the pots can help support your customer service team’s success is to improve the ease of self-service for customers. This will help your company reduce expenses, providing an updated and reliable method of communication from your company to your customers.

Increase in customer service representative positions

As technology continues to develop, new technology trends will be a catalyst for the development of customer service roles. We can expect to evolve some new positions due to updated technology trends, including onboarding specialists, chat specialists, augmented reality specialists, and social media specialists.

Developed success for your front line representatives

As business intelligence begins to infiltrate current customer service trends, your customer service reps will need to adapt.

This means that your customer service representatives will have the tools to succeed in the role. They’ll have the ability to focus on your customers’ unique needs, rather than worrying about the operating procedures that your business has implemented.

This means that your customers will receive flexible customer service that doesn’t have as many flow problems as your current customer service models. This will provide your customer service representatives with the ability to provide outstanding customer service. This will win your customers over your competition.

Understanding the future of customer service

No matter what type of business you’re in, you likely already understand that high-quality customer service can be a tricky goal to achieve. The capabilities of business intelligence will significantly shape the future of customer service.

From the information and data collected through business intelligence technology, finding new ways to use your customer service Branch will continuously improve your users’ overall experience.

Are you interested in learning more about how your company can take advantage of data? We’ve got more information for you. Click here to learn more!


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