What can you do to better optimize sales prospecting?

Sales prospecting is a key process in business development. Trust marketing tactics and the sales force for success.

By Kompass International

Database designed for prospecting

This database should have specific information on the company.

There are two types of business information that may be of interest to us for the database:

  • Structural (business sector, location, contact information, size, number of employees, etc.)
  • Contact (names and positions, mailing address, email, etc.)

To develop a strategy, you must first define the prospecting area using two types of analysis:

  • Analysis of the product offerings and sales force
  • Analysis of the competition and your target audience

Develop a strategy

The goal of this strategy is to turn prospective customers into customers. There are multiple techniques that can be used to achieve this goal, including a sales force or a website. But the most important thing to know is how to put it into practice:

1. Define the prospecting area.
2. Gather prospecting data.
3. Divide tasks.
4. Inform the sales team.
5. Concentrate and follow up on the prospecting tactics used.
6. Evaluate the tactics used.

Build and develop a relationship with your new customers

Once a potential customer has become a customer, it is vital to maintain and develop your relationship with them by continuing to pay attention to their needs. This is essential for building customer loyalty and increasing the probability of them providing references and recommending you to their associates.


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