Create your prospecting list as a transport company

24 January 2022

Looking for new sales leads as a transport company? Look no further than our guide on creating a prospecting list. Click here for more.

By Kompass International

24 January 2022

You can expect the global share of the transportation industry to surpass 7.5 trillion dollars by 2023. With this in mind, you should make sure that you have a piece of that pie. But how do you start doing that, and how do you build up your prospecting list to start building your clients?

This article will help you understand some of the steps you can take to generate leads in the realm of transportation services. By the end, you should have a good idea of what you need to do to get started, so read on for more information and avoid falling behind.

Aim to get referrals

Customers talk to one another. Once you have started to gain a reputation as a business dealing in transportation, you may begin to receive referrals from others. This will boost how different companies out there see you, and your workload might start to snowball.

It is generally never a bad idea to recommend to a company you have worked with that they should refer you to others out there. Although, you should wait until you have delivered something first to have assurances that they know you can do the job. The last thing you want is to recommend that they tell others about you when they do not know if you are good yet.

Finding profitable leads

When you add clients to your list of transport companies that you do business with, you should analyze them with care. This will ensure working with them will be profitable. To do this, you should produce an Ideal Customer Profile or ICP.

An ICP is an analysis of a theoretical perfect client that would allow you to gain the most value from using your services. You would add information to this ideal client profile such as:

  • The customer’s size
  • Their revenue
  • The industry they work in
  • Where they would base their operations

The information you could add is limitless, but you should not be too exact in your demands lest you rule out other potential clients.

By creating this profile, you can compare all future leads to the ICP and determine if they fit your template. If they do skew too far from your ICP’s example, you should feel comfortable letting go of a client or not taking them on to start with.

If you use company directories or search engines, you are often able to refine any search you make. If you have created an ICP, you can use this to base your search for clients on and keep any search close to the baseline you have built. This prevents you from wasting your time moving forward.

Local news

Your local area might have its own companies that you can investigate. By scouring the local news for them, you can find opportunities for contacting them. The following are a few times when a specific situation may offer a situation where you can ingratiate yourself with the company.

Company expansions

As companies expand their operations, they often need to move offices or facilities. For example, they may be opening up new locations, which will again need them to ship their equipment wherever they need it to go. These are the perfect opportunities for you to offer your services in helping them move their equipment.

Company contract wins

If a company gets listed in a newspaper or other news source as having recently won a large contract, you should contact them. They are likely to be looking for offers for transportation to help them fulfill the contract with the largest profit margin. It is the perfect time to add them to your list of leads as a company you could offer your services to.

Company investments

Sometimes a company might win a significant investment from shareholders or other investors. You should make sure to take note of them in your transportation prospects list when this news appears. If they manufacture physical products, they are likely to need someone to ship a large number of items very soon.

What is EasyBusiness?

One of the better methods to find leads in your target market is to find a business development partner. One example of those in the industry is Kompass.

Kompass aims to work with companies such as yourself to improve your visibility and reach in your market. They do this by first analyzing your current and past performance. Then they can offer you powerful insights into the kinds of actions you could take to grow yourself.

The tool they use to empower you in the market is EasyBusiness. This is a B2B prospecting tool that can assist you by analyzing any market plan you have and offering solutions. Your company’s departments can use it to organize your sales and marketing, as well as generate leads.

As your company continues to engage, EasyBusiness provides the data you need to continue to expand. This might be market insights, B2B business data, or contacts for yet more partners in the space you grow into. With it, Kompass can help you continue to adapt your work as the space changes and new technologies or methods emerge moving forward.

To get started with EasyBusiness, you can register for a free demo of EasyBusiness, and they will be able to explain how it works for you. Once you start that conversation, remember that Kompass also offers many other services and solutions. Perfect for when you engage with them more in the future.

Does a prospecting list already exist?

Now you have all the above tips, you should be able to generate the prospecting list of your dreams. But there are still yet more resources out there. Some sites, such as ours, have searchable business directories out there, waiting for you to make use of them.

So why not take a look at our directory and build your prospecting file today. With an opportunity like that, what are you waiting for?


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