CRM and big data – what can we do to improve the database of our CRM?

Thanks to solutions that automate processes and more thoroughly analyze data, sales representatives now have access to highly segmented data and more time to develop specific and effective sales tactics.

By Kompass International


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a methodology and software that creates links and tasks and classifies which stage of the customer journey a customer is on, helping sales representatives understand which actions to take and when to take them.

However, you must have a clean, updated, and complete database to get the most out of CRM. If not, the tool will be obsolete, not meet its main objective (save sales representatives time and money), and make functions and activities harder than before. A good CRM is a platform that provides an accurate overview of the interactions a customer has had with the company, including the existing relationship and day-to-day actions: calls, emails sent, invoices, budgets, life cycle, etc.

CRM is a basic tool for any sales team since it offers control, knowledge, speed, flexibility, ease of use, and a record. CRM also helps sales managers analyze the behavior of various portfolios and make decisions based on data.

CRM should provide knowledge of customers and/or prospective customers, stage of life in the company, monetary value, etc. All these metrics are important to understand business development. Internally, CRM acts as a communication link between the marketing and sales departments. CRM is thus fundamental to a business’s operations and growth.

Does your CRM provide historical data, purchasing behavior, preferences, and demographic information? If not, it might be time to invest in enriching and enhancing your database. Not doing so could be reflected in the performance of your sales team.

What is Kompass’s role?

Smart data is the basis of tactics, and if sales representatives don’t have a well-stocked, accurate, and up-to-date CRM, you can’t expect great results. Kompass has enhanced, up-to-date local databases in over 60 countries.

Our databases and B2B sales intelligence solutions are compatible with any CRM, so information is automatically added to the platform. Besides adding information on 21 million businesses and over 31 million managers, you can update, correct, and enhance the information you already have.

With the CRM enrichment provided by Kompass, you will have the security of giving your sales team the right information and data for their prospecting and marketing tactics.


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