Digital Advertising to ensure Business continuity and to go abroad

If you are a regular exporter, nowadays it is key to assure our Business continuity plans and to strengthen our Global digital actions to support our sales teams.

If you’re a small business owner, you might think you don’t have much chance of breaking into an international marked. You may think your B2B is limited to the local market, and any international plans you have are going to have to wait until you see some serious business growth. If you are a regular exporter, nowadays it is key to assure our Business continuity plans and to strengthen our digital actions to support our sales teams.

Not so fast. Maybe in the old pre-internet days that kind of thinking was true, but digital advertising gives you more options. You no longer have to have an enormous marketing budget to take your business into the international market. Sure, some investment in advertising helps (and Kompass can give you a hand there), but there’s plenty you can do to get things moving on your own. Let’s get started.


What can you do on your own to get into International markets?

Before we get into detail about what Kompass can do to help you through digital marketing, let’s talk about a few of the major strategies you can use to get your first few international clients. Some of these methods work online, while some of them take you into the offline world.

Working on your online presence can be a major step into the international market, both in social media and on your company website. Attending and preparing for industry events can help you attract leads and expand your international network. Let’s get into some more detail about what you can do right now.


  • Events

No matter your industry, it’s very likely that there are international events around the world. Attending these events can be an important first step in reaching an international market. You can create awareness for your brand and learn about what other brands are doing to attract new business. Keeping track of your industry on the international level can help you implement new ideas locally.

At the least, these events can allow you to generate a few good leads, get the word out about your business, and build your international network. At the most, industry events can be a significant source of new clients immediately.

  • Social Media

Social media can be a useful lead generation tool for all businesses, not just B2Cs. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can allow you to build a strong community around your brand if you leverage them correctly. Posting relevant, branded information that provides value to your potential leads can create brand awareness, build trust, and become a strong source of local and international leads. Consistency over time is a key with social media, but when used correctly it can be a powerful tool for generating business.

  • SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategy that allows you to tailor your website to maximize its performance on Google and other major search engines. By including key phrases and maintaining high-quality content, an SEO strategy can help you organically attract leads to your website. While an SEO strategy may take some time to build traction, it can be an extremely beneficial long-term investment for your business.


How can Kompass help your businessspread abroad?

There’s only so much you can do on your own. If you’re ready to commit some of your budget to getting a foothold in the international market, Kompass can help you out. Booster is one of the major tools Kompass offers small to medium-sized B2Bs with an interest in importing and exporting.

With Booster, you can directly improve your organization’s performance on the Kompass Business portal. This exposes your business to B2Bs in over 65 countries while they are actively looking for solutions in your industry. It can also offer an indirect SEO boost by improving your rankings on major search engines, such as Google. Let’s get into some more detail about how Kompass tools like Booster can help your international digital advertising efforts.

  • Booster International

Like we said, Booster helps you by improving your profile’s performance on the Kompass business portal. When interested leads are looking for a solution in your industry, you will appear before these targeted leads. This will not only increase the amount of inquiries you receive, but also increase their quality. (These are people who are actively looking for businesses just like yours, after all.)

Booster International helps your brand stand out by allowing businesses in over 25 languages from more than 65 countries to find your brand. In addition to helping you attract international leads, Booster also helps you control costs: when you start, you can select a minimum results target. Get guaranteed effectiveness for much less than you’d pay with an ad agency.

  • Top 3 International

Top 3 International is another option from Booster. With Top 3, you take the Booster experience to the next level: for targeted searches through the Kompass business portal, your business will show up in the top three results. If Booster alone gets you more qualified leads, choosing Top 3 makes that performance even better.

And don’t forget: no matter what Booster service you choose, you’re also strengthening your website’s performance on search engines like Google. With over 7 million unique users, the Kompass business portal is an authority site. That means when you improve your performance on Kompass, Google notices and improves your performance on its search results.

  • International Display

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness you can choose international ad display. This allows you to place banner ads directly on the Kompass website. With Display, you can build brand awareness in specific countries and industries. With our targeting options, this pay per click solution allows you to spread brand awareness to businesses that are relevant to you and speak your language.

No matter what your budget, digital marketing solutions from Kompass allow you to control costs, track results, and ensure that your brand gets needed attention from those who need your help the most. If you’re interested in growing your business abroad, Kompass has a solution for you.

Contact us to learn more

If you’re interested in learning more about what Kompass can do to help you move into the international market, contact us on our website. With over 7 million users in more than 65 countries, the Kompass B2B business portal is sure to have the right clients for you. If you’re serious about expanding your business into imports and exports, don’t wait. Give us a call or send us an email today.


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