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7 March 2022

The businesses are striving to develop and grow to the international operation level to get more stability and strength. The global information technology market accordingly develops new tools for selling and promoting services at the international level, uniting countries and continents. 

By Kompass International

7 March 2022

The businesses are striving to develop and grow to the international operation level to get more stability and strength. The global information technology market accordingly develops new tools for selling and promoting services at the international level, uniting countries and continents.

This factor has significantly affected the businesses digitalisation for the faster promotion, sales, planning, accounting, etc. Despite the market fluctuations and volatile economic conditions, “one important trend remains unchanged: the steady march toward a digital-first world”.

By 2022, more than half of the global economy is expected to be digitally driven or impacted in one way or another, as most products and services will adopt a digital delivery model or need additional digitalization to remain competitive. According to the researchers of IDC, businesses need to prioritize investment in digital tools to expand physical assets. As a result, by 2024, more than half of all investments in IT solutions will be associated with digital transformation.

To accelerate digital transformation, the companies not only buy the software for the operating purposes, but also should present themselves online. Internet marketing strategy should start from a clear and user friendly website or a social account, assisting in global digital promotion. Today, the online visibility of companies is far more important than ever, since the multilingual digital presentation of exporters online is one of the boosters of success when expanding internationally.

International online platforms for B2B networking

If you need to cover some specific business sector globally, there are specialized international platforms for a winning start of global networking. They take an immense part of searching work for you to collect and organize business data in the handy well-structured directories. International market also demands not only web presence in online company directories, offering B2B database solutions, but a multilingual presentation to make a real success.

On these platforms brands can use the full scope of visibility solutions aiming to reach their target audience worldwide. is the global B2B portal where buyers and suppliers are connected locally and internationally. For each company, not only contact data or product and service information are available, but also keywords, videos, product posts with dofollow links, virtual showcase catalogs, news and promotions – all available in 28 languages! Company profiles are regularly updated to provide accurate results for sales planning and marketing activities.

Be sure to participate in the online B2B communities for global promotion and brand trust. Link your own website and online platforms with backlinks to get the additional promotion and traffic.

For expanding globally your offers and services need to look reliable and matching the client needs. To meet them you should know their main worries – as IDC states: “Do they get me? Do they really understand what I want? How does that show up in the products and services they deliver?”

The sense of being understood should be reflected in exporter visibility profile offering a perfect online presentation and targeting potential partners all over the world. Engage the visitors and trigger the initial empathy from the first moment of their web surfing for the closer relationship with consumers.

When expanding to new foreign markets, explore the specific needs of the local audience through questionnaires, discussions and interactions. All these efforts, visualized in the online presentation, correctly created and showcased on the trustworthy international B2B platform, will be rewarded with confidence in your products and generally in your brand. It means that you will achieve the goals set for the winning of foreign markets.

Trust should be cultivated by product developers, marketers and export strategists not only to provoke a sustainable intention to try the company product and services. Concentrate on the company ability to deliver the desired experience with quality, innovations, and consistency. Following these core competencies will be crucial and most effective.

Brand trust is the value that should be cultivated and kept. Consumer trust and loyalty demand systematic work and research. It is vital to understand consumer behavior patterns and their needs to conquer a new market and tailor your offers under its requirements.

For better success product specifications should explicitly meet the needs and exceed them. The companies take this long-term commitment for the sake of trust building.  The way and changes should be seen in the short-term. Make them noticed and appreciated by clients in order to get the intangible benefits for your brand growth.

Sustainability gets real together with new tools, data, analysis, functions, etc. Facilitating the processes and challenges gives us new opportunities to achieve the business goals faster. Consider your digital transformation goals and pursue new opportunities. Start thinking beforehand, while making technology plans and setting export policy priorities.

Online promotion networks

Business on the Internet will constantly require new approaches to sales and visibility. The development of social accounts for the brand will definitely bring you more traffic and online purchases in various regions of the world.

Fast growing social networks offer their advantages and tools to localize your successful online presence. But before you start, you will require a truly confident promotion strategy. Start by setting goals that you must achieve within 12 month period.

Online platforms continue their evolution, creating new content formats and constantly improving functionality. The symbiosis of the company multilingual digital presentation on international B2B online platforms and activity on social networks will definitely bring excellent results for exporters planning to win new foreign markets.

Since the Kompass Booster international promotion package includes the publishing of links to the corporate social accounts and the video materials from company video resources, an exporter can be sure that all online visibility channels, influencing the target audience in different countries worldwide, will be 100% involved.

Following new techniques and advanced working patterns will help establish interaction with new communities both through international online platforms and via social networks. And your regular tasks on the way to success should include the monitoring of online activity and the usage of operational data to modify the export strategy for expanding internationally.

As soon as Booster International priority package provides 24-hour access to various types of statistics, as well as to the tools of their processing and visualization, it will not be a problem to complete the tasks of data analysis and effectiveness monitoring.

If you’d like to learn more about Kompass and our solutions, check out the rest of our website. We are your route to business worldwide, and we can help you capture new business opportunities with smart business data and digital marketing solutions.  Find your Booster solution today and start growing your business the smart way.


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