Digitalization: the age of the enhanced sales representative

The challenge is to get to know people in order to anticipate their demands.

By Kompass International

In an age marked by digitalization affecting all industries, adapting to new practices seems unavoidable for companies and their employees. Many professions must be reinvented, especially within the sales department.

Digital sales intelligence tools for greater efficiency

If sales representatives must now turn to digital tools in their prospecting approaches, it is not only to join a fad.

Rather, it is because their customers, both B2B and B2C, have already adapted to these new tools that have rapidly altered the purchasing process.

To meet the expectations of ever-more-informed prospective customers and customers, a sales representative must have the maximum amount of data from effective tools. The challenge is to get to know people in order to anticipate their demands and develop a close, trusting relationship with them so as to offer them products or services when they are needed, at the right time.

At the same time, new practices to use the mass of data available online and on social media are emerging. Some of these new practices can be quickly and easily adopted by your sales representatives with the Bypath powered by Kompass solution.

Digital tools for greater responsiveness

Offering such digital tools to a sales representative also gives them the ability to discover new opportunities.

This is especially applicable for field sales representatives. Thanks to new technology, they always have relevant information at their disposal that, when combined with features such as location, they can use to contact prospective customers they did not necessarily identify.

Having an effective tool in any place, at any time, and for any medium promotes autonomy for sales representatives. It gives them an additional asset to combine responsiveness and performance in the field.

We designed our new mobile app with sales representatives in mind. Because providing sales teams with the right digital tools helps motivate them and improve their performance.

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