Doing Business in the IT, Internet and R&D sector

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By Carolina Clark

If you’re thinking of taking your B2B in the IT, internet, and R&D sector into the international market, or if you’re already doing business internationally and need to take extra precautions in these uncertain times, you’re wondering about the future of your industry. There’s not a sector in all the world that hasn’t felt the effects of COVID-19, so no doubt you’ve wondered about the future of the tech industry. We’ll guide you through some of the major macroeconomic trends here.

Working in information technology, you already know how important information is. That’s why we’ll cover the benefits partnering with Kompass can bring to your prospecting and lead generation processes.

Doing business in the IT, Internet and R&D sector globally

Download the free Market Study – “Doing Business in the IT, Internet, and R&D Sector Globally

Have a look at our Infographic – “Doing Business in the IT, Internet and R&D sector


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