EasyBusiness Sales Accelerator: new features to speed up your sales pipeline

In recent years, marketing and sales have moved into the digital realm almost completely. Numerous tools and services have emerged and now need to be automated. Properly aligned and automated processes as well as techniques and practices allow to meet user expectations more accurate and to close deals more effectively.

In recent years, marketing and sales have moved into the digital realm almost completely. Numerous tools and services have emerged and now need to be automated. Properly aligned and automated processes as well as techniques and practices allow to meet user expectations more accurate and to close deals more effectively.

Sales teams strive for the right marketing tools to monitor, analyze, and collect leads across multiple channels. In addition, tools are needed to exchange data on customer intentions in real time between marketing and sales departments. Communication, workflow management and other tools are also needed to automate B2B marketing and sales efforts.

According to Gartner, by 2025 digital channels will be the key tools for 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers.

E-transformation in sales is not possible without the overall digitalization of the whole company, this applies to both back-office operations and automation of core business processes.

Why digital tools or SAAS Solutions for sales management are so important

  • Tools like these help to identify new prospects and generate high-quality leads: from tracking opportunities to developing marketing campaign strategies.
  • With precise targeting, these tools help to avoid processing of unpromising customers.
  • Automatic prospect generation and engagement makes your teamwork easier.
  • SAAS Solutions provide seamless integration with other sales/marketing tools.
  • Using reports, you can easily gain valuable insights into the use of the sales pipeline.

What to look for when choosing digital or SAAS solutions to optimize the whole sales process:

  1. Ease of use: Choose a tool that makes life easier for your sales and marketing teams. All people in your company should find it easy to use.
  2. Anytime, anywhere accessibility: You should look for an online-based solution. This way, with a stable internet connection, you can easily access your lead generation and processing campaigns on a variety of devices. This makes it easier for different team members to participate in the process.
  3. Precise targeting capabilities: You certainly don’t want to target irrelevant audiences. Make sure your sales acceleration solution offers accurate targeting options to get leads from the right audience or traffic. This helps in creating targeted marketing campaigns.
  4. Advanced reporting and analytics: Data analysis is important for lead segmentation. To identify your leads, the tool should be able to help you filter the data. With advanced analytics and reports on your lead generation campaigns, this process becomes easier.
  5. Seamless integration: If your sales/marketing department has to manually enter lead data into a CRM or marketing tool, it won’t be effective. Look for solutions that offer seamless integration to automatically export/import lead data in real time.

It’s time to learn about the best solution for turnkey sales management!

EasyBusiness is a powerful digital tool that powers up your sales and marketing departments to optimize all stages of the acquisition cycle: from lead generation to conversion, from market analysis to market segmentation, from prospect list building to sales pipeline management.

#1. This is a unique all-in-one B2B prospecting solution: analyze data, target your audience, engage decision makers and close deals

  • 60+ search filters
  • Rich business profiles (general corporate – key personnel – decision makers)
  • Export of data to Excel and PDF files
  • Geographical and graphic data visualization (maps, charts, tables)
  • Making notes and comments
  • Smart alert system for prompt business signals
  • Multi-contact tool
  • Pipeline management and customized report generation.

#2. KOMPASS global database is the basis on which EasyBusiness operates:

  • 60 million companies
  • +70 countries
  • +84M decision makers
  • +34M phone contacts
  • +28M e-mail addresses
  • Search through 55K unique product positions of Kompass classification

#3. Sales Accelerator module adds a lot of new features to EasyBusiness, empowering salespersons to speed up all processes related to conversion of prospects into buyers:

  1. Build and add lists of prospects into the online Sales Accelerator module
  2. Create an account for each prospect with automatic import and synchronization of all their data from Kompass database
  3. Add any new data and contacts related to the prospect into his account
  4. Generate customized online offers, marking the type of contact, value, and closing date for each deal on the list
  5. Activate feedback monitoring with scheduling the date and type of contact, use it to retain and nurture the leads
  6. Keep track of all monitoring tasks and events on the online calendar
  7. Manage your sales pipeline: an instant overview of sales funnel stages for all open deals; an access to information on all accounts and contacts; an overall picture on opportunities
  8. Follow the work of the whole team sales and increase their productivity: statistics and reports on all types of deals at any stage
  9. Visualize a sales funnel for all pending deals
  10. Monitor the efficiency of each individual salesperson
  11. Import your own prospects and leads to effectively manage your pipeline from a single location

The Sales Accelerator module is one of the best sales boosting tools for B2B, empowering your sales team to engage with potential customers. This tool helps you select the right leads from a huge database of over 60 million companies worldwide and convert them into buyers. The lead qualification process is simplified because the contact list is tailored to your target audience.

Kompass EasyBusiness Sales Accelerator is a 360 degree power up for your sales & marketing cycle

How it works:

Stage 1: Online prospecting with premium KOMPASS B2B data

Stage 2: Data analysis and segmentation followed by target list building and lead generation via EasyBusiness.

Stage 3: Initiating customized communication and configuring the follow-up message exchange with potential clients

Step 4: Sales pipeline and funnel management through Sales Accelerator


Key features of EasyBusiness Sales Accelerator:

  • Easy to access, no staff training required, no useless features that can make it too complex to use
  • Convenient and intuitive dashboard
  • B2B analysis of 60 million companies in +70 countries
  • Comprehensive company profiles with activities, financial and contacts info
  • Regular database updates for more accurate information
  • Real time prospect identification
  • Automatic lead generation and qualification
  • Targeting options to reach specific segments
  • Identification of decision makers and key personnel
  • Follow-up of all email and phone interactions with customers from one place, with synchronizing all contacts
  • Easy data export and import
  • Automatic follow-up of tasks and events, with triggering smart alerts
  • Intelligent team collaboration tools
  • Efficient synchronization between sales and marketing teams
  • Cross-channel cooperation
  • Visual sales pipeline, tracking all leads from first contact to closing a deal
  • Customizable dashboard with real-time alerts, all tasks and reports on a single display panel
  • Powerful analytics and reports

B2B data targeting, lead generation, prospect nurturing and sales pipeline management – we’ve created a single solution for all sales processes! With Kompass EasyBusiness and its new Sales Accelerator module, a complete digitalization of your sales is now possible.

Try EasyBusiness Sales Accelerator, our advanced ALL-IN-ONE B2B PROSPECTING SOLUTION powered by Kompass premium data and sales accelerating features. Book your demo today!


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