Go global fast: a guide to international B2B data lists

8 November 2021

Do you need to find potential distributors that can help your B2B company go global quickly? Read on to learn all about international B2B data lists.

By Kompass International

8 November 2021

Did you know that the global B2B eCommerce market is projected to be worth $20.9 trillion by 2027?

International B2B data lists can help you expand your horizons abroad. By reaching out to other people around the world, your business will soar to new heights. Read on to learn about these lists, how to create them, and how to use the end result.

Why go international?

There are a plethora of reasons that expanding internationally is a good idea. It allows you to stay ahead of the competition by entering into new markets. It also lets your business grow and get more reviews, which 79% of B2B consumers trust as much as personal recommendations as of 2020.

International markets also allow you to expand your horizons. Your business will see new ways of doing things and can implement foreign strategies into its affairs. This new perspective ensures that your business operations are as optimal as possible.

International list construction is also simple despite the barriers that many warn you about. All you need to do is select multiple countries when entering your target audience into EasyList. You don’t need to learn how to use Google in foreign languages.

Preliminary steps for a highly targeted list

To create a targeted list of prospects, you’ll need to take some preliminary steps before using Kompass’s top-notch EasyList tool.

First, you’ll need to obtain, assess, and analyze data about your target audience. You can source this information from multiple places including social media and lead generation tools. Make sure to look at the industries, occupations, location, financial information, pain points, and executive ages of those who follow both you and your competitors.

Looking into the customers that have worked with you before is the best way that you can gather data. Businesses in these demographics have already been proven to work with you and be interested in your services.

Once you finish sourcing ample data, you can use it to build an ideal customer profile (ICP). This is a fictitious business that meets every single demographic within your target audience.

Since you’re looking to expand internationally, make sure that you create ICPs for businesses in multiple countries. Look into the information you gathered and see if it varies from nation to nation.

If your target audience does change depending on culture, you’ll need to create many different ICPs. But don’t worry- it’s worth the expansion opportunities.

If the only thing that differs about your audience in other countries is the location, you’re in luck. You can use the same ICP and simply add multiple locations into the demographic that you’re targeting.

Using Easylist for your expansion needs: a guide

Our EasyList tool makes creating targeted customer lists simple. Simply select the industries, executive demographics, financial information, and company data of your ideal demographic. You can make multiple selections to get an even better list.

When trying to expand globally, you must pay special care to the ‘location’ section of the tool. You can select businesses in as many countries as you want. We have over 53 million businesses from 70 countries on our list to make reaching a worldwide audience easy.

Choose the nations that you want to select based on the data that you gather. Some industries that you may be targeting can be more popular in a specific region. If the B2B market you work with is primarily based in the UK, you need to select nations in this area. Some other B2B companies may want to work with manufacturing companies in Pacific Asia, so select this region on EasyList.

Reaching out to customers: top tips for success

Ultimately, you’ll purchase your tailor-made data list and download it as an Excel file. Contact information and company data will be included within the document. This gives you a starting point for reaching out.

The first step is to create a list of your most appealing prospects. Rank them based on how closely they fit your ICP.

Those who meet all criteria of your perfect client should be prioritized over those who only meet some. Those who meet some should be prioritized over those who only meet a couple. You’ll ultimately end up with a tier list of US and international companies that you can reach out to.

Use the provided contact information to reach out to them professionally. Foster B2B connections with executives and tell them how your services can solve their pain points. You then can begin to expand your reach and start trading across the globe.

You also need to invest in top-notch marketing strategies to reach consumers. These strategies include international SEO and social media outreach. Make sure that you think about your perfect clients in multiple regions and tailor your marketing efforts to everyone.

Using digital marketing strategies like those that Kompass can help you with allows you to get more clients quickly. It also lets those clients post reviews and talk to those within their own regions, thereby expanding your brand’s reach.

Buy B2B data lists today

Now that you know what international B2B data lists are and why you should make this investment, it’s time to get started. Start creating your targeted prospect list with Kompass’s EasyList tool.

Select the industries that your target B2B consumers operate in and insert the demographics that you’re most looking to work with. Don’t forget to set your sites on companies in other nations and choose multiple locations. Since we’re committed to helping you reach customers worldwide and expand your business, we look forward to working with you.


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