How successful professionals design databases for success

18 March 2021

Why is it important to clean and maintain your database anyway? Find out everything you need to know about how to design databases to scale and help you succeed.

By Kompass International

18 March 2021

Today, more salespeople are relying on tools such as CRMs. So much so that 75% – 85% of top sales professionals value CRMs and email marketing software, productivity apps, social selling, and other sales design databases.

This is especially integral in a B2B selling environment, where you have various clients across different industries. A powerful CRM can store your data so you can quickly identify leads, follow-up on customers, and more.

But do these businesses keep the same contact information? You would be surprised how often business data changes, including phone numbers and email addresses. This is why cleaning and maintaining your CRM is integral.

What information is stored in a sales database?

Every business collects different information from B2B clients. However, most companies collect these necessary contact information:

  • Full name of the contact and/or business name
  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Business year established (if applicable)
  • Business Activity

If you’re not sure what data you collect, refer to your order or sign up forms. This is where most of your clients enter their information.

Contact information is essential. This ensures you can stay in touch with your customers and communicate relevant messages about their accounts and purchases.

Saving contact information also helps to automate different functions such as lead identification, email notifications, data-driven marketing, and more. In some cases, their contact information can be used for security identification purposes.

What is cleaning and maintaining your sales design databases?

Cleaning your database means you remove out of date, old, and inaccurate contact information and smart data from your database. Data maintenance means you ensure your customer’s contact information is still valid.

This is important for many reasons, as we will cover in the next section. Your customers’ contact details change frequently, so it’s integral to keep up with this data so you can communicate with your customers.

Other reasons why cleaning and maintaining your CRM is important

There are more reasons why cleaning and maintaining your CRM is integral. Here are a few of the most common causes.

Will improve your reputation.

Let’s say you send promotional emails to an invalid email address. The recipient won’t open your emails, so there’s a chance the email provider will identify you as spam.

Most email providers have built-in spam filters to remove your emails before they reach the inbox. In other words, if an email provider identifies you as spam, your customers on that provider may not receive your promotional emails.

Even though you’re only an honest salesperson, you don’t want to get lumped into the same category as spambots. Later in the article, we will go over how to clean and maintain your database to ensure your data is correct.

Will get a clear picture of your success.

With so many methods of communication, your clients will prefer one method over another. That’s why email works for some, while phone calls work for others. When you maintain and analyze your data with data integration services, you’ll see your success points across your entire customer database.

You’ll also identify other core metrics, such as:

  • Stale contacts and leads you have no luck nurturing
  • Qualified leads
  • Your target audience

Once you clean out your database, you’ll get a clean list of your clients and prospects, making your job more effective. For example, it’s not uncommon to see your open, delivery, conversion, and click-through rates improve after a system clean.

With that being said…

Your analytics will be precise.

Sales professionals rely on data. If your data isn’t accurate, you won’t have a clear picture of your success.

This commonly happens if you have invalid contacts in your database. Reducing your contact list to accurate client information and qualified leads will not only produce better numbers but more accurate numbers.

Can set marketing priorities.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. That’s why your cleaned sales database won’t only affect your sales efforts but also any marketing efforts.

Let’s say some people signed up but stopped opening your emails. You can use marketing initiatives, such as a “we missed you” email, to ensure that the customer is no longer interested or the email address is invalid.

How to clean and maintain your database

Now that you know why cleaning your data is essential, it’s time to get down to it and delete those invalid contacts. While this method varies with the different CRM platforms, here’s a basic guide on data cleansing and maintenance.

Step 1: delete hard bounce emails.

“Hard bounce emails” are emails that are deleted or can’t receive any incoming emails. You’ll likely receive delivery error notifications when you try to reach these contacts. Delete them immediately. This will decrease your chances of being identified as spam.

Step 2: track replies

If you automate your emails, it can be challenging to see who responds. Take the time to filter your email responses. Those who are responding should be saved.

Step 3: find the accounts that haven’t opened your emails.

Finally, find the accounts that haven’t your emails in a long time (or ever). See if there’s a reason — for example, you can likely see if a prospect unsubscribed from your newsletter.

If you can’t find a reason, send a “we missed you” email and see if the prospect responds. If they don’t, remove their email.

Clean and maintain your system to improve the design of your sales databases.

Cleaning and maintaining your sales design databases is essential, but what if you don’t have time to clean and maintain your sales database? Kompass can do that for you.

Kompass offers data integration services. We can clean your database, which results in more sales productivity. Your business will generate more revenue, resulting in a better ROI.

With our data integration services, your business can save time and money, improving your staff’s sales process. You’ll also avoid duplicating customer data, which improves efficiency.

Get started with our data integration services today.


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