How to be successful in B2B sales: a look into your next sales bible

19 January 2022

Every business has room to improve its sales strategies and metrics. Our new book, "How to Be Successful in B2B Sales," can push you forward.

By Kompass International

19 January 2022

If Business to Business (B2B) is your specialty, it’s important that you learn how to connect to other businesses so that you can convert sales.

This requires marketing tips that grow the reach of your company. It also means learning some quality sales strategies that will allow you to see results.

In our new eBook, “How to Be Successful in B2B Sales”, you will come away with winning strategies for all your B2B needs.

The points below will help you out when you’d like to learn some of the B2B sales strategies discussed that will make a difference for you.

Make certain that you understand your “why”

Successful B2B marketing hinges upon your ability to explain who you are and what you do. Understanding your “why” will inform the way that you communicate and the results that you receive.

Knowing the difference that you make takes it from a sales pitch to an authentic explanation of the value you can provide. Regularly hold brainstorming sessions and revisit your company’s mission statement to make sure that you’re staying on track.

From here, you can extract information about what your customer wants by exploring their why’s. You’ll then be able to explain why they should use your product, why it should be a priority, and why your company provides superior solutions.

Be thorough with your market research

Success in the B2B sphere requires lots of diligent market research.

Doing market research also helps you keep up with B2B news and trends that are ever-changing. It allows you to keep your finger to the pulse of knowing where voids exist, so you can figure out how to fill them.

Market research will reveal your competitors and will help you to explore different ways to hone your message.

Create buyer personas that will help you get specific about the way you hit targets. A buyer persona refers to a virtual representation of your ideal or likely customer.

This persona consists of different wants, needs, circumstances, and attributes. By already knowing how you provide for this customer, you’ll be clearer and more direct with your sales and marketing.

Diligently study buyer preferences

You need to be particularly consistent about studying the company that you’re deciding to approach. This lets you provide customized sales communication, rather than taking a one size fits all fashion.

The more you know about a company, the easier it’ll be for you to accommodate them and put together a sales pitch that works.

When you understand a company’s pain points and needs like the back of your hand, it makes every other part of the process so much easier.

Put some social media strategies to use

B2B companies need to understand how to get the most value out of their social media strategies. Figure out which facets of social media and platforms you’d like to explore.

Study others in your industry to find out what they’re able to accomplish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media outlets. It would make sense to do business with a social media marketing company that can help you establish goals and hit them one day at a time.

When you create a social media presence, make sure that you’re always using quality images and video. Decide on keywords, hashtags, and meta tags that will garner traffic.

Always take a qualitative approach with your social media strategies as well, so that you can build an authentic rapport with the people that follow you.

Subscribe to the media that your prospects put out

Aside from putting out your own media, make sure that you also subscribe to all of the media that your prospects put out. This is the best way to get an inside glimpse of what they do, their goals, and how they interact with their customers and followers.

Follow their blog and become a regular commenter. You should also subscribe to their e-mail list or newsletter so that you can stay up to date on every piece of information that they put out.

Regularly make phone calls

Never lose sight of how impactful a phone call can be. This is enhanced by the digital age, not in spite of it.

People are so accustomed to talking to people online and in text-based formats, so a thoughtful call can be a welcome respite. Seek to develop a rapport with companies so that you can schedule a call in advance, rather than just cold calling.

A well-timed phone call remains one of the most effective skills in any B2B salesperson’s toolkit. Follow up with a phone call after a company has already shown interest in the form of a survey, social media interaction, or another manner.

Work on creating an immediate reaction and impression

Keep in mind that time is money. Just like you have your list of priorities and don’t have time to waste, value the time of any companies that you decide to interact with.

The best thing you can do is create an amazing first impression within the first 5 seconds. This applies whether we’re speaking in terms of the sales pitch or a piece of social media content that you release.

Get some face time with your potentials whenever you can, and constantly set up avenues to communicate with them more effectively. Having an effective e-mail marketing plan will help you create the best campaigns.

Work on improving your B2B sales strategies

The points above are only the beginning. In our e-book “How to be successful in B2B sales”, you will learn the art and science behind the strategies that work best.

The tips in this e-book can help you grow your profit margins so that your company survives well into the future.

We’ve got you covered when you’re looking to brush up on all things B2B. Take the time to contact us online with any questions that you have.



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