How to build a list of B2B industry companies

10 November 2021

B2B industry companies can benefit from building lists to generate more sales leads. Learn how to do this by reading our guide.

By Kompass International

10 November 2021

Did you know that email newsletters are cited as the top way to nurture leads by 32% of B2B marketers?

However, to start nurturing leads you have to generate them in the first place. Nowadays there are a lot of organic, inbound lead generation methods you can implement.

However, these methods take time to build. You also shouldn’t rely on them alone.

Instead, you need to dedicate time to build a list of industry companies to whom you can reach out. Cold outreach is still a vital component of marketing, especially in the B2B space where leads are often keen to form industry relationships.

What’s more, building a list allows you to decide which companies you want to target. This can result in higher quality sales leads than inbound methods.

Is your organization ready to tap into this lead generation technique? Wondering how to go about B2B list building? Continue reading to find out the steps involved.

Clearly define your target customer

The first step in building a list of industry companies is to define your target customer. Once you have clearly defined your target customer and buyer persona, you will be able to refine your searches to build a highly targeted list of industry companies.

Some of the questions to answer when defining your target customer include:

  • Target company size, including the number of employees and annual revenue
  • What industry they are in
  • Company structure
  • Customers’ job roles and job functions
  • Pain points, challenges, and needs
  • KPIs and responsibilities

Once you have identified the answers to these questions you can then organize them into a single profile. This profile will inform which companies to target for your B2B list-building efforts.

Pinpoint the companies and decision-makers you want to target

Once you have your buyer profile fleshed out it’s time to decide which individual companies you want to research and include in your list. You should also clarify which decisions makers you want to reach from these companies.

This will help you obtain the most direct contact details. For instance, if your company sells B2B technology solutions, you won’t want to target your outreach efforts to a general email address or unrelated decision-maker. Instead, you’ll want to obtain contact details for relevant decision-makers, such as the CIO, IT manager, chief security officer, etc.

Search for contact details online

After clarifying which companies and decision-makers you want to target, the next step in creating a sales lead database is to search for their details online.

This is a manual process that can usually be delegated to a team member with research skills.

To obtain contact information for your targeted industry company sales leads, start by doing online searches for the companies. Often you can gather the necessary information directly from their websites or from directory sites. You can also try searching on LinkedIn for contact info for specific decision-makers in the companies you are targeting.

Besides this, you can also scour press releases, guest posts, interviews, and media statements. LinkedIn groups, industry forums, and Slack channels can also be valuable sources of information.

Test and validate contact details

Once you have gathered together a list of industry companies and their contact details, you will then need to validate these details.

This is an important step, as your sales lead database is only as good as the data it contains. Depending on where you found your data, you might find that’s outdated and no longer valid. For instance, if you collected a company phone number from a press release that’s a few years old, the number might not still be operational.

To save time down the line, make sure you go through all the information you have collected and verify it is correct. The best way to do this is to reach out to each company using the contact information you have gathered. Introduce yourself, and inform the representative that a member of your team will be in contact with them in the near future with information on how your offerings can solve a problem they face.

This allows you to check the accuracy of your data and make an initial outreach.

Gather contact details via your website

Another way you can gather contact information for industry companies for your sales lead database is through your website.

According to Google, 89% of B2B researchers look for information on potential purchases using the internet. If your website is well optimized and populated with the right informational content, it can be a powerful source of leads.

The most common way to gain the contact information of these leads is by inviting them to sign up for your newsletter. Another effective B2B marketing technique is to offer a lead magnet in return for visitors’ email addresses or other contact information. Lead magnets can be anything from white papers and guides, to case studies, ebooks, and other free resources.

If you offer a lead magnet, make sure it is properly targeted to your industry company sales leads’ needs. This will give you the highest chance of capturing information for quality sales leads that have a higher chance of converting.

Purchasing a list of industry companies

As you can see, B2B list building can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are ways you can quickly and easily supplement your sales lead database with high-quality leads.

The most effective of these is purchasing a list of industry companies and their details. If you work with a trusted source, you can rest assured that all the details will be up-to-date and correct.

Make sure you vet your seller thoroughly and only go with one that is well-known and has an established presence in the B2B space.

Let us help you build your list of industry companies

Building a list of industry companies takes time and diligence. It can be slow work, and a lot of B2B companies don’t have time for this. What’s more, the faster you can build up your sales lead database, the quicker you can start working those leads and establishing profitable relationships.

As a global matchmaking and export service provider with a far-reaching international network, we can help you reach the right contacts in the right companies.

Easy List is our on-demand tool designed to help you build personalized company lists. It draws from a global database of 53 million companies, allows for refined searches, and downloads into a personalized prospect list.

Let us help you build your prospecting file today with Easy List.


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