How to create business email lists

17 November 2021

Email marketing is essential for any type of business as it helps build customer relationships and sales leads. Learn how to create business email lists here.

By Kompass International

17 November 2021

Want some motivation to build your mailing list?

Stats show that email marketing has an ROI of roughly 4,200%. Recipients typically spend 138% more when marketed via email, and one email address is worth approximately $55 to companies.

What’s more, email marketing generates compelling results for B2B companies. Reports reveal that B2B marketing emails enjoy a 23% higher click-to-open ratio than B2C emails.

But how does one go about building business email lists so you can see these impressive results?

Sit back and read on as we walk you through how to build up your B2B mailing list effectively.

Create a sign-up form for your website

The first thing to do is create a sign-up or opt-in form on your website. This will allow visitors to provide you with their email addresses and sign up for your newsletter.

To prevent friction, keep sign-up forms short and sweet. Don’t ask for unnecessary information, as this can trigger abandonment.

Create a custom CTA for different pages on your site

Once you have given visitors a way to sign up to receive your emails, you also need to display this to them across your site.

You can opt to display your email list sign-up form in the sidebar, footer, or other areas of your site.

No matter where you display your sign-up form, you should provide visitors with a call-to-action. Your call-to-action shouldn’t just instruct them to give you their email address; it should also outline what they receive in return.

For instance, if you regularly send out exclusive discounts to your email newsletter subscribers, include this in your CTA.

You also tailor your CTA across different pages and types of content. For example, if you conduct industry surveys, people who land on this content will probably be interested in more of the same.

Instead of promising them exclusive discounts, you might want to let them know that they will be notified the next time you publish industry research or white papers if they sign up for your newsletter.

Also, don’t forget about your About Us page. Leads who visit your About Us page are typically warm and often very likely to sign up for your newsletter. So pay special attention to your newsletter CTA on your About Us page.

Tweaking your website CTA and how you offer value across different pages can be a powerful way to increase conversion rates and accelerate your email marketing list building.

Leverage the power of pop-ups and slide-ins

Besides displaying a static website CTA for your newsletter across your site pages, you can also use pop-ups and slide-ins to build your mailing list.

Just make sure you utilize these responsibly and be sensitive about the timing. No one wants to land on a page and have a pop-up immediately jump up.

Instead, try to time your pop-ups appear after the reader has already displayed interest in your page contents.

A/B test your CTAs

Another critical practice when building business email lists is to A/B test your CTAs.

A/B testing can give you real data on which types of CTAs convert best for your target market. They also allow you to test out small tweaks, such as color changes and placement.

With A/B testing, you can also analyze the effectiveness of pop-ups and slide-ins. Do your pop-ups work best midway through pages or more towards the end? What about slide-in placement?

You might find that slide-ins from the top right perform better than, for instance, the bottom right corner.

These types of things are complex to ascertain just by guessing. A/B testing can help you verify for definite which configurations and settings garner the best results.

Promote your newsletter via email and social media

Besides prompting visitors to sign up for your mailing list on your website, you can also promote it via social media and email marketing outreach.

Even if you don’t have an extensive social media following, this doesn’t mean you don’t have a network. If another business has followed you on a social media platform, there is a relatively good chance they might be interested in receiving your newsletter.

Email newsletters are the most-used type of content marketing and can be especially effective in the B2B scape. Due to the nature of B2B, many leads might be actively interested in being on your email list.

Therefore, it’s worthwhile promoting your newsletter on your social media profiles and posts.

Besides this, you can also advertise your newsletter to business sales leads when practicing cold email outreach. For instance, if you have been building a target account list, you might have a list of target businesses you will contact via cold email outreach.

To promote your newsletter to these businesses, including a CTA in your outreach emails inviting them to sign up to your mailing list to receive special offers and communications from you.

Purchase a tailored email list

Although you can build an email list organically through the methods we’ve listed above, these techniques take a lot of time.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on organic methods alone to build business email lists. You can also purchase business sales leads for your mailing list.

For instance, with Kompass Easylist, you can purchase a tailored list of companies. Easylist allows you to build a customized company contact list to match your needs from our database of more than 59 million B2B companies.

You also have access to 13 key search criteria, including:

  • Location
  • Business activity
  • Company size
  • Turnover
  • Type of company
  • Executive contact

These refined search criteria allow you to focus your energies on the correct type of prospects for your business.

Not many companies have access to such a wide pool of prospects. By taking advantage of Easylist and its highly qualified information, you can gain a competitive edge and build an email list overnight.

Easylist also enables you to target executives directly. Targeting the right decision-makers is key for successful B2B email marketing and outreach. Instead of wasting time and money targeting the wrong contact points, you can go straight to the decision-maker you need to contact.

Start growing your business email lists today with Easylist

If you want to create business email lists, you need to encourage people to sign up to receive your emails. You can do this via a sign-up form, CTAs on your site, promotion on social media, and cold email outreach.

While these are all essential parts of building a mailing list, you can also fast-track your list building with Kompass.

Easylist gives B2B businesses the unique opportunity to purchase finely tailored lists of highly qualified business information. Not only can you target the right business profiles, but you can also rest assured that our data is correct, up-to-date, and GDPR compliant.

Learn more about Easylist here, and kickstart your email marketing campaigns today.


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