How to find new prospects based on your target

16 March 2021

Our guide on how to find new prospects will set you up for success no matter your field of business. Our tips will support you and help generate more leads.

By Kompass International

16 March 2021

There are more ways that brands can connect to buyers. The Internet is a powerful tool — 95% of B2B buyers research companies online before purchasing.

Your customers can easily find you, but can you easily find your customers? While this has always been a struggle for businesses, there are more ways to reach your audience and attract new prospects.

The traditional advice has always been to identify your customer base. But how do you work with that data to increase leads? You can find new business prospects and B2B clients through your base using these core methods.

Hashtag searches

Social media is one of the biggest selling platforms for all types of brands. That’s because there are more than 3.5 billion active social media users. But finding clients on social media may be more challenging than you’d expect. How do you filter your audience? Identify hashtags in your niche and search for users that way.

If you don’t know how to use social media to find hashtags, you can also use different social media platforms, such as Twitter, to narrow down what your buyers are searching for.

Search a term related to your industry. Twitter will show some recent tweets and conversations relating to that term. From here, you can jot down any other hashtags you find from these posts.

Another way to find hashtags is by searching for influencers in your niche. See what they’re posting and what hashtags they’re using. Media companies may also report on your niche, using great hashtags to increase traffic.

Now that you know these hashtags, what do you do? Keep up with them. Search them regularly and join in on the conversation. Twitter is a helpful tool for this. Respond to any questions, comments, or concerns.

Job boards

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but you can tremendously help other businesses by using this tactic.

Let’s say you own a company that sells business financial software. Go on one of the most popular job boards and search for companies that are looking for an in-house accountant. If the listing offers contact information, such as an email address, reach out!

You not only potentially get a sale, but you also help a customer save money. Maybe the client didn’t realize they could benefit from an accountant in your easy-to-use and affordable software. They can get their financial tasks done without paying a salary and benefits.

Keep in mind: some job listings have secured contact access. Depending on where you live, there could also be strict privacy laws that interfere with you contacting that prospect directly.

Industry blogs and forums

Another easy way to find prospects is by going to blogs and forums. Forums such as Reddit and Quora attract people who are looking for information. Help them out by offering expert insight.

What about blogs? Many blogs offer a comment section where readers may ask questions or leave comments. Feel free to join in the conversation with your expertise.

Blogs are also an easy way to stay updated on the latest information in your niche. Most blogs have a newsletter service where you can receive emails and updates on the website’s latest posts. This will help you keep up with industry insights that will help sell your products.

Business journals

Similar to the last section, business journals will cover news in your industry. If you can find a local business journal, they will report on the latest events. Attend these events and try to gain leads this way.

Other business data you can gather from these journals include potential B2B customers and their contact information. Use this data for B2B marketing on social media, cold calls and emails, and more.


LinkedIn is a classic example, but it still deserves mention. However, it would be best if you use LinkedIn correctly. First, try and connect with people based on your audience. If necessary, create a buyer persona and base your connections on that data.

How do you use data-driven marketing to find connections without being creepy? LinkedIn offers a “Discover” section, and you can also join various professional groups. There’s also an advanced search where you can search for users by profession, location, language, and industry.

Should you sell to your connections right away? This may come off as too sales-y. Instead, make friends and add them to your list of possible prospects. It would help if you also kept up with their posts and status updates. Maybe they need help, and the product you’re selling will offer the perfect solution.

Invest in sales solutions

While all of these B2B client acquisition methods are effective, they do require lots of legwork. Instead, invest in sales software.

There are sales solutions SAAS like EasyBusiness from Kompass, that use specific criteria to target a particular audience. The best solutions provide media sources and notifications to ensure you follow-up with your prospects and leads.

Create an email newsletter

There are over 4 billion email users globally, so someone is bound to join your email newsletter. Should you start the cold selling process when someone signs up? Not exactly. Warm your leads with high-quality content to keep them intrigued.

You’ll also want to personalize your content as much as possible. Address the recipient by name, send them an email on their birthday, and send emails based on their activity. You can use data extracted from your CRM to ease the process.

From CRMs to forums: find new business prospects today.

As a sales professional, it can be challenging to find new business prospects. There are several methods that you can use to get leads by identifying your audience. But specific tools can also generate the quickest and most effective results.

We offer a variety of solutions to query different companies in your niche for B2B sales success. We also offer CRM apps, big data sales, and other ways to collect and organize your B2B prospects. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.


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