How to generate leads for your manufacturing business

29 November 2021

To grow your manufacturing business, you need to generate the right sales leads. Learn how to make a list of reliable leads here.

By Kompass International

29 November 2021

While many markets generate revenue for the global economy, manufacturing is one of the all-time biggest. This industry is projected to produce $13.39 billion worldwide by the end of 2021. Since this figure is only increasing, manufacturing firms must be on top of their game to crush the competition.

Generating leads for your manufacturing business is, therefore, more critical now than ever before. Here, we will talk about how you can find potential prospects that will help your company thrive. Read about the concepts, tools, and ideologies that can help your manufacturing company grow.

Determine your buyer persona

Before you can obtain leads, you first need to create a B2B buyer persona. This is a fictional character that represents the person whose company you’re trying to sell your services. Since this is who you need to show value to, do your research on the target demographics that this individual falls under.

You already know the industries that you’re targeting. For example, if you manufacture industrial lighting, you already understand that your biggest clients will be construction firms, industrial plant operators, and college dormitories. You need to look into the people that run these locations and what they are like.

What are the age and gender of this person? What is their primary motivation in purchasing from your manufacturing business? What pain points do they want to be resolved?

This will give you an idea of who your ideal buyer is and select the most valuable leads to your business.

Create a custom file

Once you have a greater understanding of your target audience, you can then begin generating relevant leads. You can do this quickly and efficiently by using Kompass’s EasyList tool.

First, select the activity sector for your target audience. If you manufacture metals and other machinery, choose that category from the EasyList page. You can select multiple industries that you’re targeting as well so that you can generate even more relevant leads.

After selecting the industries that you’re targeting, you can then enter the locations that you service. This lets you target businesses locally if you’re looking to attract companies in your area. However, if you ship products to businesses worldwide, you can enter multiple countries.

You then will want to select the specific occupations that your target clients have within the company. Financial information and company information are essential as well.

Once you finish this process and pay a reasonable price, you will have a list of your prospects. The leads will be ordered from most to least relevant. You, therefore, can start at the top of the list and contact the people who best meet your ideal buyer persona.

Reach out to ideal B2B clients

After you generate your list, look it over for the companies that you believe are most relevant to your manufacturing business. Look up some of your top leads on Google to learn more about their pain points. Since these are your ideal buyers, your pitch should be tailored to eliminating their individual issues.

Because you can’t possibly tailor an individualized pitch to all companies on your prospect list, you’ll use the same pitch for multiple B2B prospects. Make an individualized pitch for the first few companies on your list, but use a more generic one for businesses that are lower down.

Begin reaching out to companies in the order of their relevance. Those that you believe to be stronger buyers need to come first. These sales can truly help your business to thrive.

After making some larger sales, you can then move down to companies that meet fewer ideal specifications than the higher-up businesses do. These sales may be smaller, but they still have the potential to make your money. Plus, growing your business is a critical outcome of lead prospecting, so reach out to as many people as possible.

Make sure that you also look into the ways that your target audience prefers to communicate with you. Some people prefer phone while others like email, and making note of this can help you reach out to prospects on your manufacturing leads list more effectively.

Continue to assess and reassess

EasyList is an ideal way to generate sales leads, but simply using it once doesn’t help your growing business thrive. You need to continue to assess which customers are investing more money in your manufacturing company and make a note of the trends that you notice. This will let you generate a new list with Kompass later that matches more precise specifications.

You also will want to make note of the leads that convert into the most significant sales. While a specific industry may consistently purchase from you, these purchases may be smaller than those in another market. Both of these factors are important to the success of your manufacturing business, so you should target both.

Build your manufacturing business prospecting list

While lead generating leads for manufacturers can be a challenge, Kompass’s list-building tool can help you get started. All you need to do is enter your business specifications and wait as it builds and generates a list of high-quality sales leads. You then know who to target, reach out to, and work with to ensure that your business thrives.

Now that you know how to generate and nurture leads with high-quality online tools, it’s time to get started. Start prospecting today to grow your manufacturing business to new heights.


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