How you can strengthen your customer acquisition through EasyBusiness by Kompass

29 April 2021

Customer acquisition is the heart of every business. Whether it’s a startup hunting down its first few leads or a multinational corporation looking to expand into a new market, an organization that doesn’t close with new customers doesn’t grow and doesn’t survive.

By Kompass International

29 April 2021

Here at Kompass, we know that your organization depends on a steady stream of new customers and we have the tools to help you get those customers. With this article we’ll go over some of the issues you may be having with your customer acquisition process and show you how EasyBusiness by Kompass can help you solve them.

The customer acquisition process

Simply put: customer acquisition is the process meant to analyze your market, identify your prospects and convert people who aren’t your customers into people who are your customers. You already know that, but it’s important to remember fundamentals.

Whether you’re working in sales, marketing or some other company department, the end goal is the same: generating leads and reliably closing with new customers. An organization that can’t do that efficiently won’t be in business for long. That’s as true for big businesses as it is for small ones.

The customer acquisition process has four main phases and if any one of them goes wrong it can bring growth to a halt:


  • If you don’t understand the market, you will not be able to plan your customer acquisition strategy effectively.


  • If you can’t identify the most promising prospects, you will not be able to reliably focus your efforts where they matter the most.


  • If you can’t contact the prospects you’ve selected, you can’t show them the value of your offer.


  • If you can’t close new customers, you can’t generate new business.

The quality of your customer acquisition management decides if your business succeeds or fails. An unfocused process will not work reliably. A wasteful process will lead to ballooning cost per conversion. A process that fails to convert is no process at all.

If there’s a serious problem with your customer acquisition, something needs to be done about it.

Optimizing customer acquisition through EasyBusiness

The center of the EasyBusiness service is the Kompass database. With more than 44 million companies listed across the globe, the database is a powerful tool to help streamline processes like segmentation, prospecting, lead generation and sales.

Through EasyBusiness by Kompass, you can gain access to the database and our powerful search engine. With 60 advanced filters – such as by location, company size, business activity, financial info, etc. – segmentation and prospecting become simple and efficient.

Through EasyBusiness by Kompass, monitoring and contacting prospects becomes easy. With up-to-date contact information and a news feed including recent activity from your prospect’s organization, you’re kept in the loop.

Remember those four phases of the customer acquisition process? Here’s an overview of all the ways EasyBusiness can streamline those steps to help your company grow and reach new markets:


  • Segment the market through the Kompass database – by business activity, location, company size, etc.
  • Display your analytics visually – EasyBusiness allows you to create and export figures, graphic charts and stats tables.
  • Display search results through the map view – especially valuable when expanding into new international markets.
  • Analyze your current customer base so to fine-tune your search for new prospects.


  • Identify your prospects using 60 advanced search filters, generating new targeted lists easily.
  • Access comprehensive company profiles with up-to-date information on business activity and financial figures.
  • Generate leads through executive profiles that include contact and role information.
  • Export data through Excel or PDF, then rework or import them into your CRM.


  • Our multi-contact tool allows you to directly email multiple companies and executives with just a few clicks.
  • Identify decision makers and examine a company’s organization through our org chart display.
  • Optimize your sales and marketing teams with lists and data sharing.
  • Monitor your team’s activity on the platform for more coordinated and efficient sales processes


  • Get key insights on prospects and customers thanks to Big Data analysis and over 200,000 live sources.
  • Access executives’ social media profiles without alerting the executive.
  • Follow companies you want to monitor through the company news feed, which you can filter by topic.
  • Our alert system offers reminders to follow up with prospects, including business insights and hooks that help with the closing process.

Whatever the size of your company, EasyBusiness by Kompass can help you segment your market, identify prospects, contact decision makers and close the deals you need to grow and expand your company.

With EasyBusiness by Kompass, you can cut out the busywork and get to what really matters: closing deals with new customers.

Hear what others have to say

Kompass has been helping B2Bs across the globe for more than 70 years. With all that time, service, and expertise, it’s no wonder that we have a lot of satisfied customers. Here are just a few of the glowing reports we’ve received from customers who have gotten value from EasyBusiness by Kompass:

“EasyBusiness has proven to be a huge time saver, with access to a large amount of data on a single platform, giving us the opportunity to find new prospects and target companies we may not have thought of before!”

—Valérie de Dieleveult, Hudson

“EasyBusiness is a very intuitive and complete tool that provides market information for different products and services. We highlight the variety of markets and the information available, which allows us to expand the markets where we develop our foreign promotion activity.”

—Vanessa Rodriguez, Ipex

How to get started

If you’ve made it this far, there’s a good chance you’re at least a little bit interested in EasyBusiness. We’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to improve your customer acquisition process through EasyBusiness, give us a call, send an email, or fill out our online contact form today. Our representatives will be ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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