International CRM Benefits: 4 Ways Global Businesses Can Use a CRM Platform

15 July 2020

From the cloud to analytics, a CRM platform has many uses to sell better, smarter and faster. Here are 4 CRM examples for global businesses.

Kompass International

By Kompass International

15 July 2020

Customer relationship management software has to be accessible. Your global business will need access to customer information in real-time, with convenient mobile usability and cloud storage solutions.

That’s a mouthful, right?

CRM is the heart of any global business. 91% of companies with more than 11 employees now use CRM software.

Knowing your business in a local area is difficult enough, a company reaching global standards has many markets that it needs to have data on.

From the cloud to analytics, a CRM platform has many uses to sell better, smarter and faster. Here are 4 CRM examples for global businesses.

1. Leveraging CRM for Better Sales Performance

There is one major use of CRM software and this is for optimum lead generation and nurturing.

Businesses can lose immeasurable sale opportunities through improper management of their sales leads. Leads come in and salespeople lose the contact information, forget about the sticky note they wrote it on, lose a notebook or misplace their diary. It can be that simple.

If a lead is recorded in real-time, and the nurturing of that lead is done throughout a CRM system that is intuitive and mobile-friendly, no lead will go unnoticed again.

Your global sales team will be able to access data within any region at any time. The correct CRM software will allow you to manage historical purchase information on every customer, manage their movements, their sales support calls, and all information in between. Empowering your sales representatives with powerful information on leads, prospects and current customers is proven to increase win rates and upsell opportunities.

2. Increased Internal Efficiency

A great customer relationship management example for increased global efficiency is:

Someone purchases your product or service, they move across the continent or perhaps take it with them overseas. They then call into your offices based in their new area, and the people within that office are able to assist with their issues or questions because they’re able to access the customer’s historical information, purchase history, previous support calls, and other pertinent information.

It’s that simple!

CRM software should have seamless access for all areas of your business so that any person in any region or country within any department can assist a lead or customer who calls in or sends an email.

Global companies simply cannot afford to not have CRM software that integrates across countries, states, and regions. Which brings us to the next benefit.

3. Cloud-based CRM benefits

If you’re looking for customer relationship management software examples that will work for you and your global business, you have to look for a cloud-based solution.

Cloud-based CRM software has many benefits for business that operate on a global scale:

  • Easy Installations. Cloud-based CRM is often hassle-free to install, you don’t have to pay for extra hardware or servers to store information nor do you have to pay for an onsite IT person to maintain the software as you’ll more often than not, have a 24-hour support team.
  • Hassle-free Access. Cloud-based CRM means that your employees and sales representatives will be able to access the platform anytime, anywhere on almost any device because most of them will operate in a web browser and not require special programmes to be installed.
  • High security. If your CRM software is cloud-based, it comes with the best security of your information. The security offered by cloud-based CRM companies is often much higher than that of a local office, meaning they take the confidentiality of your data very seriously.
  • Potential flexibility. Most cloud-based CRM software will have the ability to morph into solving the problems that your business needs solved. The software itself can often be tailormade for your business, with special notes, capabilities, and structure.

The benefits above are only to name a few, cloud-based software is often less expensive and more affordable than locally based products. It’s easy to use, with user-friendly web interfaces, optimized database usage, customizable profiles, and reporting capabilities.

4. Enhanced Mobility for your Global Field Team

Yes, that’s right.

Here’s a CRM software example of this benefit:

A sales representative is out on a cross-border business trip. He meets two to three potential leads because of course, your product or service is globally usable. He whips out his smartphone, he inputs their name, contact details, designation and company information, and presses save.

Your head office can immediately see the information come in. Your customer support team can view the data. Your marketing team can now report on leads incoming, generate reports and delegate actions to your sales team.

Not only that, image you’re at a global conference as a leader in your field. You’ve got your best sales faces at your exhibition stand but, lo and behold, you’re using the old, “Put your business card in the box,” strategy. No more.

Now your people on the floor can input information, in real-time, and some CRM software can even assist in email automation and making almost immediate contact with the new lead. It’s a sure fire way to optimize your sales prospecting.

Bonus Tip: Integrate Sales and Marketing With CRM

Integrating your sales and marketing apps with your CRM is integral to creating a seamless and successful campaign. By doing this, you can improve your sales productivity with accurate sales intelligence data.

This means that your marketing department will be able to accurately target your market, you’ll save time on prospecting and research and you’ll be able to feed the right information directly into your marketing campaigns.

This integration software comes fully loaded with regularly updated data on 25 million companies and 31 million executives so your sales team can be sent fresh, current and qualified leads.

CRM Examples That Will Work For You

When shopping around for CRM software, make sure that you do your homework! Be sure to check out their features and capabilities, before you sign up.

Most companies will offer a trial period for you to try out their CRM examples, so get your best team onboard to test it out and give a no-holds-barred feedback session after they’ve used it. You want a stress-free implementation of your new CRM strategy.

There are many ways to promote your company abroad, but you can’t do it without CRM.


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