What should you know about GDPR and how it will transform European trade?

The GDPR standardizes how European companies handle customer data, strengthening individuals’ rights and holding those who collect it responsible

By Kompass International

What are the codes of conduct?

The codes of conduct will seek to establish specific frameworks for certain processes in certain sectors of activity. Those responsible for and in charge of these processes will then have access to practical guides that will help them fulfill their obligations, thus guaranteeing other people’s rights.

How will it affect companies?

Regulation represents both a challenge and an opportunity for companies, a challenge because it requires a real cultural shift in the organization, with considerable technical and organizational measures, and an opportunity because in this new context, companies that know how to protect their handling of personal data will have considerable competitive advantages.

Note: Those who must comply with this regulation include companies, autonomous organizations, communities, associations, and the public administrations of all member states of the European Union, among others. If your company is outside the EU but conducts business with its residents, you must apply the GDPR as well.

What does it mean for employees?

All employees must be aware of the importance of system security and the reasonable management of IT tools: Confidential information on customers must be in a file that is accessible to everyone so that employees themselves can have a better level of protection for their personal data.

And how must the issue of accountability be handled now?

More information must be given to interested parties regarding how their data is handled and their rights in the matter.

The concept of privacy is included in its design, which means the development of company procedures must take data protection into account from the start.

Kompass, updated business information for legal changes

Ever since the GDPR began to be studied and applied (two years ago), Kompass, a leading company in B2B business information, has been optimizing and adapting data collection to the various regulations in force so that its clients can be certain they will get a customized solution that is updated to all legal requirements and regulations regarding data management and use.


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