Prepare For 2023: Sharpen your Data Collection and Digitalize your Planning

2 January 2023

The world economy is changing rapidly, driven in part by technology. To keep up with change, stay on-trend, maintain continuous growth and remain competitive, you need to be at the cutting edge of progress.

By Kompass International

2 January 2023

  • 2023 Digital Solutions for Data Collection and Sales Planning
  • How to Make Sales Processes more Digital in 2023
  • Advanced Tools and Solution to Make your Business Digitalized

The world economy is changing rapidly, driven in part by technology. To keep up with change, stay on-trend, maintain continuous growth and remain competitive, you need to be at the cutting edge of progress. The integration and use of modern digital solutions help to simplify and thus accelerate all processes in the company.

If a company does not take advantage of modern technology and does not adapt to the rapid pace of business, it will not be able to compete with those who are already doing so. Digital transformation of business processes aims to ensure that companies make decisions quickly and adapt fast to current demands.

For any business planning to redesign its processes, we advise:

Do not “reinvent the wheel” by creating “from scratch” solutions that already exist on the market

Do not try to save money on quality of digital solutions

Focus on your priorities step by step, rather than “automate the universe”, because it can take a lifetime to create the perfect solution for the full range of business objectives.

Digital transformation changes not only technology, but also the culture within the company – it allows you to track the entire employee journey, from goal setting to performance measurement.

The digital solutions architecture is designed to encompass all major data collection and planning processes:

Data collection: from targeting to lead generation

Planning system: from customer database harmonization to sales pipeline management

Reporting system: from business analytics to employee performance evaluation.

Here are the digital solutions to achieve these goals:

Companies need solutions that help them combine different channels of interactions with their customers in “one window”. Uploading, downloading, verifying, forwarding a huge number of files – there is a multitude of processes that require manual labor and are time-consuming for sales managers, analysts and marketers. At some point, it becomes obvious that you need to combine the necessary channels and interfaces in one place.

The EasyBusiness Sales Accelerator solution allows you to aggregate all communication channels into one interface, segment customer data in one place, and plan and control communications through the channels the customer prefers.

Using this solution allows to automate routine processes, significantly save time of employees, including personalized mailings via multiple channels, as well as follow-up analysis of their effectiveness.

Thanks to it, employees can spend more time on in-depth segmentation, creating relevant content for each of the many segments and, thus, developing tailored offers.

Data is the new oil. You’ve probably heard it many times. As technology advances, this statement is becoming more and more relevant. Statistics show that data-driven businesses are 58% more likely to beat their revenue goals than non-data driven companies

But how can your business benefit from data usage to win its 2023 plan?

Make sure your sales team has an effective tool to collect, process and analyze data across categories.

By doing so, you can interpret the data correctly and turn it into powerful insights that, when applied correctly, lead to business growth. These solutions address both sales tactics and strategy.

The benefits of using digital tools and solutions:

1. Effective sales funnel management

Sales funnel management is vital, especially when your list of leads is constantly growing. Sure, you don’t want to end up with poor quality leads that won’t drive your future sales. Instead, you need a healthy pipeline that makes it easy to identify promising prospects.

It should also allow you to easily track leads through all phases of sales.

Unfortunately, the more your offerings grow, the harder it is to maintain a healthy pipeline. But quality data can solve this problem. Trying to sell your products or services to the wrong people will only lead to high customer churn rates, client’s refusals, and slow business growth.

Once you start applying digital data and planning tools, you can easily segment leads in your pipeline and track how leads move through the sales funnel, allowing you to identify weak points and bottlenecks in sales where you lose most leads.

The data also helps you monitor the customer journey, patterns, and details such as the size of companies and the location of your customers. All of this makes it easy to build your prospecting and sales strategy.

For example, if most of your customers are mid-sized companies, data can help you shape your offers, pricing, marketing strategies, etc. in a way, so that mid-sized businesses will want to use your services.

2. More targeted marketing

Target marketing is one of the most effective and budget-friendly marketing strategies for any business. This is because you are marketing to a specific segment of potential customers. Consequently, you use tactics that resonate with your target group, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

A sales analysis report helps you understand your audience, which makes it easier to create target groups. You can divide your target groups into segments, which can range by job title, location, interests and values. You can then use targeted, data-driven marketing strategies to reach these specific customer groups and increase your sales growth rate.

You can also use current sales data to create similar customers. As a result, you can attract more leads, reduce costs and maximize profits.

3. More accurate sales forecasting

Planning is all about using data to predict future results. With sales forecasting, you can use data to prepare for future risks, sales opportunities, problems and events. This will allow you to be one step ahead, resulting in accelerated business growth.

The success of sales forecasting depends on the data used for this process, so make sure you are using actual and accurate data. Also, pay attention to the quality of the data, because the higher the quality, the more accurate the sales planning and forecasting will be.

4. Accurate value propositions

The potential of your value proposition is great, but how do you achieve it? Data. With data collected and analyzed, you can fully understand what customers expect. Then you can make sure your value proposition reflects that and attracts targeted customers.

The value proposition explains to your customers why you should be their choice. Your value proposition should include three basic elements:

  • The promise of what you will provide
  • What they will get by choosing your business
  • Why they should choose you over your competitors

Your value proposition should help you present your business in a way that gets customers to buy from you.

Choosing data-driven business strategies

Data helps you make well-considered decisions and choose the right sales strategies. If you learn how to use data effectively, you can quickly spot trends and patterns that can help your sales team accelerate the growth of your business.

As mentioned above, properly organized data collection and digital planning can lead to business growth by better managing your sales funnel, creating opportunities for target marketing, better sales forecasting and accurate value proposition. Use advanced digital solutions to achieve your goals in 2023!


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