Safe Shipping: How to Export Products the Right Way

When you decide to take your business global, you need to understand how to export items and do it the right way. Find out everything you need to know here.

By Kompass International

When you decide to take your business global, you need to understand how to export items and do it the right way. Find out everything you need to know here.

Did you realize that small businesses create nearly 70 percent of the new jobs each year? One of the main goals most business owners have is finding a way to be successful. If your business specializes in selling products, then finding a way to spread the word about these products is a must.

There may come a time when you want to expand the reach your company has. The best way to do this is by selling and exporting your products to different countries. While learning how to export can be challenging, it is worth the effort you invest.

The key to having success with this type of expansion is plotting out every detail of this process. Going into the world of global product exportation with no plan is a recipe for disaster. The last thing you want is to lose tons of money due to a lack of preparation.

Following are some of the things you need to do when attempting to export your products the right way.

Figure Out Where You Want to Sell Your Products

The first thing you have to figure out when trying to export products is where you want to sell them. While this may seem like a relatively easy decision to make, it is anything but. The only way to make the right decision regarding which global marketing to enter is by performing a great deal of research.

Taking the time to see whether or not there is a market for your product in a particular part of the world is vital. You need to also consider how much competition a particular market has. By weighing all of these factors, you can make an educated decision regarding whether or not a particular market if right for your business.

Rushing through this decision will come back to haunt you in the long run. The last thing you want to do is fail in your expansion efforts due to a lack of preparation.

Making a Detailed Plan of Attack

Once you have an idea of what part of the world you will be expanding into, you will have to develop a plan of attack. Each world market is different regarding how products are marketed. Figuring out what the consumers in a particular market respond to is vital.

You need to also educate yourself on the customs and taboos in a particular culture as well. Doing this can help you avoid offensive marketing tactics that will alienate a new audience.

Ideally, you need to hire a marketing agency that is familiar with the region you are exporting products to. With their guidance, you should have no problem developing a winning marketing strategy.

Take a Step Back to Look At The Team You Have in Place

Are you getting the feeling that you are spreading yourself too thin when it comes to managing the needs of your company? If you answered yes, then expanding your team before moving into a new market is a good idea. Neglecting to do this will put a lot of undue stress on you and your existing team.

Be sure to also pay attention to the existing inventory capacity your company has. If you are barely able to fill existing orders, trying to move into a new market is a bad idea.

Your main goal should be getting all of the pieces of the puzzle in place before expanding. Making a leap of faith without a comprehensive plan will lead to disastrous situations in the future.

What Marketing Methods Will You Use in the New Market?

Before moving your products into a new part of the world, you should nail down the details of how you will attract consumers and deliver them the goods they want. Are you going to sell directly to the consumer? Is using third-party distributors and sales agents a better fit for your company?

If you are struggling to get the manpower needed to expand into a new market, then working with a third-party may be a good idea. With their help, you can strike while the iron is hot.

Before hiring a third-party distributor or sales agent, you need to do some research. Finding out how much experience these third-party providers have can help you decide whether or not they are the right fit.

What Tactics Are Competitors Using in This Market?

If you already have competitors in a foreign market, getting a look at how they are attracting new customers is vital. While you need to avoid directly stealing parts of their marketing campaign, you can definitely draw some inspiration from what they are doing.

As you look over a competitor’s strategy, you may start to notice areas they aren’t covering. Fining a niche marketing and exploiting can make your exportation venture highly successful.

Going into a new world marketing blindly can create lots of problems. This is why focusing on doing your homework beforehand is so important.

Provide New Customers With Great Service

Consumers in other countries are a bit wary when it comes to using a new product or service. This is why you need to under-promise and over-deliver as much as possible.

Getting a reputation for providing excellent customer service is crucial when trying to achieve success in a new market. Going the extra mile for your new clients will serve you well as you try to gain the lion’s share of this market.

Learning How to Export Takes Time

As any global business owner will tell you, learning how to export is no overnight process. Often times, it will take years for you to have success with a new global business venture.

Are you looking for help in identifying new business opportunities? If so, contact us now to find out more about how we can help.


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