Sales tips for 2024 to increase productivity and be the best seller

How to increase sales? We are 100% sure that this question worries almost all businessmen.

How to increase sales? We are 100% sure that this question worries almost all businessmen.

At the same time, most of them make mistakes on which 50% of sales are lost. And the key mistakes are related to the fact that the rate is not based on marketing. But these are the marketing tools that help to increase the sales figures.

According to the latest study, companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieved 20% annual revenue growth.

Do agree, if you have badly set up lead generation, incorrectly defined target audience, what kind of sales can we talk about?

Here are some tips on how to increase the productivity of your sales team and significantly boost your sales.

Form an overall customer acquisition strategy

How to increase sales if you don’t have an overall customer acquisition strategy? And this is the first and main mistake. Below we will outline how it manifests itself point by point.

1.             Complete dependence on a single channel of lead generation prevents rapid sales growth

Brand owners often use a single channel to attract customers. Why is this a mistake? Because channel algorithms can change. And it will not be possible to react promptly. As a result, there will be a failure in lead generation. And it will take time to adapt to the new rules. So, you won’t be able to count on positive dynamics of sales growth indicators.

Instead of relying on a single channel for passive lead generation, it’s better to use several active prospecting tools at once – try Sales Accelerator, which speeds up your sales pipeline and saves time having access to Kompass world-renowned database of companies and contacts.

2.             Unstable and unsystematic lead generation reduces the flow of product sales

For example, you get 100 leads on Friday, 10 leads each on Monday and Tuesday, and zero leads on other days of the week. But to think that Friday’s ‘catch’ compensates for the failures of the other days is a mistake!

Leads are not buyers who are ready to pay here and now. So when leads come in every day and in a systematic way, there is stability, and it makes it possible to predict how to increase sales.

To ensure the stability of leads, take advantage of EasyBusiness solution with its system of smart alerts of new leads in the database and business signals on important changes in the data of a specific company, allowing you to speed up the process of making decisions on the deal.

Understand the value of your product

How can you increase sales if you don’t understand what problem your product solves and why your prospects should buy it?

For example, everyone needs food products. But what problem does the client solve with their purchase? Let’s say one wants to buy them in bulk in order to sell them through a retail chain later on, another wants to export them, another wants to launch an online store selling food products on a dropshipping basis. And solving a particular customer problem is part of the ways to increase sales.

Create a commercial offer

When how to increase sales is the tough question, you need a specific commercial offer, where it will be clearly stated why one should buy now and from you.

Back up your commercial offer with additional benefits. For example, offer a warranty, preferential shipping, favorable after-sale service, etc.

And be sure to set a deadline – that is, the period of validity of your offer. As a result, such a time limit will become a trigger, the buyer will not put off the decision for a long time. And it also eliminates the possibility of switching attention to another offer.

Link digital tools to a single strategy

If all digital tools are used chaotically, how can you increase sales?

Each of the tools – prospecting, e-mailing, chatbots, SMS, social networking, a website or a lending site – should be linked to a single strategy – as soon as each of them performs a different task, but works for a common result.

1.             Bind the tools together

Let’s say you’ve segmented your target audience using the Kompass database and launched an email campaign with an offer to register for a webinar. But you can also make a post in social media, give a link to the webinar room via SMS. That is, different channels are involved in a certain sequence.

2.             Analyze the percentage of message delivery

Consider the situation: the company sent 100 commercial email messages and did not receive  single feedback. Why? When they looked at the message delivery report, it turned out that only 15 prospects saw the offer.

So be sure to monitor and analyze all your actions.

Don’t waste your time

Time is an irreplaceable resource. So why waste it? You can get caught up with achieving some metrics, bury yourself in analytics, coordinate everything for a long time. But at the same time, you can leave content without a call to action or fail to think through the add-on sales funnel.

Pay attention to the points below and try to remedy the situation.

1.    Be sure to give calls to action

There should be calls to action at every stage of the sales funnel. A common complaint is, ‘I’m hosting webinars and no one is buying the product’. But actually it appears that during your webinar participants are simply provided with useful information, and not a word about the commercial offer, prices, bonuses. And how can you increase sales here?

Fix it! That is, be sure to ask for feedback each time, so that the prospect moves forward to the deal.

2.    Set up a system of add-on sales

Work with your current customer database on a regular basis, offering to buy something again.

For example, you sell septic  tanks. The product is the one that will be bought again only when a buyer  happens to build a new house. This would seem, what kind of add-on sales we are talking about?

But think twice! After all, subsequent purchases are not necessarily the same product. The same septic tanks need to be maintained, cleaned, etc. So why not offer the client an additional service after a certain period of time?

And it doesn’t require any complicated steps. Just put a task in your CRM, which in a year will remind you to contact the customer.

The same way, you can deal with leads that didn’t become customers for whatever reason. Even if they bought from someone else, they may well agree to an additional service from you.

3.    You can’t implement sales tools for years

You don’t have to implement everything for years! While you are thinking it over and over again, sales tools and solutions become obsolete and rules and algorithms change.

Instead of waiting for long approvals, you can just now create a digital Booster presentation on the Martech platform, launch lead generation with EasyBusiness and fine-tune your sales pipeline with Sales Accelerator.

Believe us, in sales you can’t put everything on hold and try to get something perfect right away. How to increase sales today, if everything is postponed for tomorrow?

It’s time for actions! We are ready to offer our proven solutions to increase your sales.


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