The social seller’s routine: 4 daily tasks to stay on top!

The social seller’s routine in 4 steps.

By Kompass International

Social selling or sales that exploit the power of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to only name a few) is set to become a reflex for many sales reps. Like top athletes, social sellers need to put into place and follow a routine in order to stay on top.

A routine (a set of repeated tasks done every day the same way) will help you gain discipline and be more efficient. A sizable promise when you take on social selling is an action that takes place over time! Yes, using social networks only occasionally isn’t really that effective! So, what should you do? Which is the right routine?

Here are 4 daily tasks (recalling the summer to-do list) you can start doing tomorrow! Follow our guide.

The social seller’s routine in 4 steps

1. Identify a new target to contact every day

In terms of social selling, you can’t choose your targets randomly. In order to sell through social networks, it’s crucial to choose the right people, services, and companies you should target (and know them properly!).

Every day, identify one potential new lead! There’s no shortage of options to do this: a common relationship, a person who is already part of your network, someone recommended to you, etc.) Then, the next step is the hardest one, but fortunately, it’s also the most exciting one: personalize and contextualize the relationship you’ll be making with this new target. This happens over a long period of time: posting content that is engaging and motivating as well as working on your visibility, expertise, and e-reputation.

2. Share content every day

You need to position yourself as an expert in your sector, and to do this, you need to share quality content: to need to be sure of your own personal branding.

By sharing posts every day, you’ll quickly be identified as a media that stands out, a reference that can be approached, and a precious contact to be saved for later. This can include journals, curating quality content, and focusing on “homemade” content. This curating and monitoring work really pays off: 74% of purchasers trust the 1st sales rep who was able to bring value to them.

3. Accompany your leads throughout their purchasing process

Social selling should be a part of the entire purchasing process. This includes sharing personalized content with high added value!

Get into the habit of posting content that is able to accompany your targets in moving along the act of purchasing ahead of the final decision. This “nurturing” principle will help you position yourself as a partner rather than a sales representative in the eyes of your leads.  That way, you’ll be gaining their trust and have a greater chance of ensuring an initial contact through the closing later on.

4. Check every day on the level of engagement generated by your contact

A social selling strategy becomes more fine-tuned over time. Get into the habit of verifying every day that your content is generating engagement and measure the success of your posts. These adjustments will allow you to adapt your strategy depending on your leads and even identify new ones. Here are a few good reflexes you should take on in order to see this more clearly:

  • Every day, see who is liking, commenting, and sharing your content
  • Make contact with those who aren’t yet in your network
  • Reply to comments, questions, and remarks
  • Share messages of thanks to foster the engagement of your leads
  • Identify content that works the best to find out more about the maturity of your leads

Following this social selling routine will help you devote limited time every day so you will save time in the long term. Don’t forget that social selling is a long-term task and it relies on setting up a relationship of trust with your leads. This may take a few weeks or even several months! Our routine only requires 30 minutes per days so you can gain in efficiency in this “new gen” sales environment.

The idea behind the social seller’s routine is never becoming inactive! This constant activity is key for effective social selling. Good luck!



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