Targeted marketing in the construction industry

5 January 2022

As a business in the construction industry, knowing your target market is helpful. Learn more about defining a target market here.

By Kompass International

5 January 2022

If you work in the construction business and own a company that provides these services, you’ll need to know how to reach your customers. This applies whether you serve consumers or provide business-to-business (B2B) services.

You can do this by creating business lists that will help you make critical contacts. Kompass’ EasyList service is an essential tool for your targeted marketing efforts.

Construction industry marketing is specialized, and EasyList lets you use the Kompass database to put together customized lists that will serve you.

Keep reading to learn more about defining a target market, and leveraging it through the use of EasyList.

Learn what your competition is doing right and wrong

Many business owners get so caught up in trying to blaze their own trail that they forget to learn from the trails that others have set. While originality is necessary and admirable, it’s important that you study the competition both to see what worked right and what went wrong for them.

You can even put smart data to use that will help you with your assessments. From here, you’ll be better able to target your own segment of the market in a way that works for you.

Use your EasyList to find out which companies are your competition, and begin a deep dive into learning as much as you can about them.

Figure out your ideal customer base

Another problem that people have when running a company is trying to reach everybody. Rather than trying to get every customer that you possibly can once, it’s more important that you build a strong base of customers from which you’ll get repeat business.

In order to do this, you need to lay out the variables of what you’d like to see in the customers that you target. Take the time to find out your ideal customer base when you’re making decisions about target marketing.

This boils down to a variety of possibilities to hone in on, such as how much your customers are willing and able to budget, whether your clients are in the public or private sector, what industries they work in, and others.

EasyList brings you quality prospect sourcing, along with lots of local information.

Assess and learn from your existing customers

It’s also important that you take time out to study your existing customers. The way that you’ve served the needs of your existing customers will leave clues about how you can reach out to new customers.

Take the time to find out how they interact with you, how much the average customer spends, and what products and services they gravitate toward. You can generate a lot of feedback through customer surveys and questionnaires.

Make sure that you study these surveys and put them to use so that you’re able to do something actionable with the information that you get back. The information that you learn from today’s customers will help you correct mistakes and accentuate strengths when trying to reach out to your new customers.

EasyList’s tools will help you put together e-mail marketing campaigns, along with strategies for any other forms of digital marketing you want to employ.

Consider what kinds of problems you solve

At the end of the day, a business’s sole purpose is to solve problems. The construction field is no different, and it is arguably one of the most problem-solving industries on the market.

The products that you sell will lead to structures that people rely on for safety and efficiency. The businesses and customers that you serve will need to depend on your expertise, so this should shine through in all of your marketing efforts.

When you publish to a blog, make sure that your topics are actionable and informative for customers that are in your wheelhouse. By writing in-depth blog posts about these topics, it demonstrates your ability to solve problems.

This way, once customers reach out to you for actual services, there’s already trust and rapport that you’ve built. When you’re constantly in touch with the problems you solve and how you solve them, you’ll be better able to communicate accordingly.

Study the best targeted marketing channels

It’s not just about how you market — you also have to be diligent about where you market. Consider the best outlets for reaching your target audience and the most tactful ways to express yourself.

For instance, some companies thrive with e-mail marketing, while others pay attention to SMS marketing, direct mail, social media, and several other platforms. Each outlet has its own nuances that you should be aware of so that you can carve out the most effective strategies to reach your goals.

Hone in on demographics when possible

You’ll also need to hone in on certain demographics as well when handling your targeted marketing strategies.

When you understand your most popular demographics, you’ll be able to consider what niches you serve or could potentially serve. Knowing your demographics will also help you to figure out how to communicate in a way that hits your target audience, while also staying on-brand.

From there, you can also research and test out different buyer personas that you can put to use.

EasyList gives you access to close to 59 million companies, so you will have no shortage of options.

Defining a target market on your terms

The points in this article are useful when you’re interested in defining a target market and carrying out your game plan toward results. By taking the time to hit your mark with your construction business marketing, you’ll be better able to attract customers that will pay off long-term.

We’re also happy to help you out with any B2B needs that you have. Take some time to contact us to find out more about how EasyList can help you.


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