The 5 Data Marketing Commandments

In this post we will show you "The 5 Commandments of Data Marketing", a series of rules that you and your company must follow in order to grow your business in the right way.

Kompass, a major player in data, has been supporting marketing and sales departments for many years on their customer acquisition and loyalty strategies. Overall, there are several hundred projects carried out each year alongside our customers that allow us to see how the intelligent exploitation of data can be a source of new lines of growth.

Thanks to this experience, we have learned valuable lessons that we share with you through 5 commandments.

1) Your database, you will update 

Remember to refresh your database so that it is clean, without duplicates & up to date. The effects are virtuous: optimization of marketing actions, increase in sales productivity, cost and time savings. Commandment1 Datamarketing

 2) Your data, you will enrich 

 Financial information, company size & activity, new contacts, org charts, all this information collected for a client allows you to engage it more effectively. Commandment2 Datamarketing

3) Your markets, you will segment 

Map your market intelligently, for many benefits: boosting the energy of the sales team, expanding the customer base, increasing sales and profitability. Commandment3 Datamarketing

4) Your targets, you will score 

Assign a decision score to a prospect: size, workforce, sector of activity, … To focus on ideal customers and have the best chance of signing. Commandment4 Datamarketing

5) Your commercial approach, you will personalize

In business, timing is everything! By adopting a sales acceleration solution, you will be able to contact your prospects at the right time, easily and in a personalized way.

Commandment5 Datamarketing


If you would like to comply with the “5 Commandments of Data Marketing”, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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