The Essential Guide to Going Global

6 September 2021

Global expansion may sound daunting but the process is made easy with certain effective solutions. See this essential guide to going global.

By Kompass International

6 September 2021

Companies that expand globally tend to see around a 26% increase in revenue. This figure comes exclusively from global sales that businesses made.

Because of this, going global is essential for remaining competitive in any B2B market. Here, we’re going to talk about how you can expand your business worldwide. Read on to learn about the tools you’ll need to invest in and how to overcome the unique challenges that come with global logistics.

Why is going global important?

If you’re just beginning your global expansion journey, you may be wondering why figuring out these logistics is worth it. While expanding is a challenge, it has a multitude of benefits.

The first is an increase in profits because global expansion opens new sources of revenue for your business. When B2B clients in other countries purchase goods and services from you, you’ll get a much higher ROI than ever before.

You also will obtain more reviews online, which lets your business expand even further. Global expansion is cyclical in this way. You do good business in one country, people from that country give you good reviews, and 84% of your prospects in other countries trust these reviews and follow suit.

Globalizing your business also boosts innovation and drives your employees to create better products and services. When you need to compete with a larger market, you will constantly need to think of new ways to adapt to ever-changing needs. This can spur a lot of upgrades to the quality of your products.

Use the right tools

You will need to expand your B2B marketing funnel globally by using tools that allow you to do so. Marketing efforts are automatically tailored to specific areas because of your Google My Business listing, previous local SEO efforts, and location data on social media.

To avoid this from holding you back, you’ll need to understand how to work these tools (and others) for a global audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an online marketing strategy that aims to boost your organic traffic. It does so via a series of online manipulations that make your site more appealing to search engine crawlers. This boosts your webpage ranking in SERPs.

Kompass Booster is a unique B2B SEO solution that’s been proven to convert. Your SMB will get a tailor-made company profile and discover new market opportunities within your specific industry. Because Kompass works to personalize your profile, it’s easy to target an international audience on it.

Booster not only boosts your online presence but it provides specialized worldwide visibility options. Our Global B2B portal has 17 million views globally each month and builds credibility for your company. Since our SEO experts can help you optimize your company profile and promote your products in up to 60 countries and in 26 languages, you’re sure to boost your global visibility.

Social media marketing (SMM)

SMM is critical for all businesses, but especially those that are trying to expand globally. Because platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are accessible in most countries, you can reach out to people for free on these platforms.

Input the regions that you want your tailor-made advertisements to target. You can target based on occupation and location so that you reach an international audience that matters.

To appropriately use SMM for global expansion, you’ll need to research the platforms that people in your target countries use. Facebook may be ideal for UK audiences, but it’s blocked throughout some nations like China. WeChat is a better choice for B2B prospects in China, and you must know this so you can focus your efforts on these platforms.

Make sure that you also invest in video content. 73% of consumers are more likely to invest in a product for their business if they see a video about it. Include multiple language options on these videos so that people can get the message no matter where they are.

International trade services

In addition to our unique SEO solutions, Kompass also offers international trade services. We can help to ensure that your value chain is operating appropriately because of our worldwide database supplier. You, therefore, will no longer need to worry about export logistics challenges.

Some of the services that this package provides include:

  • Strategy and market research
  • Professional sales team strategy, focus, and goal development
  • Distribution and supply chain relations
  • Worldwide promotion
  • Global lead generation
  • Market ranking reports for continuous assessment

Kompass has local teams based in over 70 countries. This is in addition to a plethora of worldwide databases. If you want to grow effectively, this is a tool that you cannot pass up.

Overcome common challenges

While going global is important for boosting your ROI, there are many challenges that may inhibit your success. Some common ones include:

  • Unfamiliar languages and cultures
  • Organizational difficulties
  • Export logistics and fees if applicable (see above section)
  • Choosing the right countries to target

Overcoming the language barrier

You must know how to overcome these difficulties before expanding. This must begin with crushing the language barrier.

You’ll need to translate your website and find keywords in other languages. These keywords can then be used in multilingual blog posts and videos within your internationally visible website. International SEO helps you to see both prospects and partners.

Kompass clients have another option for translating their websites. If you don’t have the means to translate on your own, you can ask your local Booster distributer about translations. They may propose to take care of this challenge at a price that you determine together.

How does this solve other problems?

Once you overcome this barrier, you will be able to organize your efforts more easily by documenting the keywords and regions that you’re targeting. You will be able to analyze what translations best reach those in your target B2B occupation.

This will give you an idea of what countries are most interested in your product. These are regions that you need to target. Redouble your marketing efforts in the locations where you’re getting the most traffic and sales.

Get started with international B2B marketing.

Now that you know why going global is important and have some tips for taking the leap, it’s time to get started. Schedule a demo of Kompass’s services to begin testing the best international B2B expansion tool on the market.

Our professionals are happy to answer any lingering questions that you have before setting up your demo. Because we’re committed to helping you reach prospects all around the world and boost your revenue, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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