The Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends of 2020: Is Your Business Ready?

4 June 2020

It may be the summer, but 2020 is fast approaching. Is your business ready? Take a look at the top digital marketing trends coming next year.

Kompass International

By Kompass International

4 June 2020

The leaps and bounds that digital marketing strategies can take in short periods be could difficult to pin down.

However, not keeping up with the trends can give your competitors new tools to up their game and cripple your own.

With 81% of B2B companies using blogs as a content marketing tactic, as well as other channels of digital marketing, you need to know the latest. Not just to keep up with the competition but to soar above them.

So keep on reading to know all about the top eight digital marketing trends for 2020!

King of the Digital Marketing Trends: 1. Live Video’s Dominance

We’ve been talking about live video as a top trend for the last two years, however, it’s now become a core element of successful social media strategies.

It’s losing its status as a trend and solidifying into an evergreen tool of digital marketing as by 2021, 13% of internet traffic will be all live video.

Video as a whole is taking over IP traffic. It includes both consumer and business IP traffic, consolidating to millions of video minutes transmitted through a variety of networks every second.

2. Immersive Technologies Are Taking Over

As 5G took its first commercial implementation in March 2019, by 2020 it’ll hit the mainstream platforms.

Once it does — and it will — brands and digital marketers will start delivering compatible 5G content with immersive technologies like AR and VR.

And with AR being the game-changer that it is, it will streamline the buyer’s journey as well as reach consumers in real-time.

Moreover, the content experience will take a new form due to its new interface and structure leading to higher sales and more brand loyalty.

3. Optimizing SERP SEO

There is a recent dilemma that SEO marketers are trying to fix, and it’s becoming a trend.

The name of the monster here is zero-click results on Google.

It is a result search where Google automatically provides the answer to the search query that has been entered.

The problem here is that it eats a lot of paid and organic search results’ effectiveness into having the user click on the links.

Thus, giving birth to the new trend of optimizing the search engine results page (SERP) SEO and figuring out ways to bypass the automated Google results.

4. Ads on Smart Speakers

The spread of smart speakers blew up in 2018 with 56 million smart speakers sold to the public. The growth increased in 2019, making advertising on smart speakers a key opportunity for businesses.

From awkward smart speaker ads in 2017 to smoother and better ones in 2019, integrating the customer-friendly of branded Alexa skills is essential for businesses in 2020.

For example, if you’re a web developing B2B company, you can advertise to your targeted segment if they ask Alexa a question like “Alexa, ask [your company’s name] how to create a blog”.

It’s a less-invasive type of advertising, where you’re giving your targeted audience the opportunity to come to you, instead of vice versa.

5. Voice Search Optimization

So maybe branded skill and device-specific smart speaker advertising is still building momentum.

However, optimizing your content for voice search is already on the ground with 74% of mobile users are getting their questions answers through their smartphones’ voice assistant at home.

This makes voice search optimization a key trend to keep an eye on as you’re putting together your B2B digital marketing strategy, with a focus on content development.

6. AI-Fueled Keyword Transformation

Speaking of voice searches and smart speakers, the rise of mainstream Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage has changed the search keyword game.

Because, in the bluntest of terms, 50% of search queries will be voice searches. So unless you like missing out on half of your potential clients, you’ll need to make the change in keyword formula a priority for 2020.

This change in formula is moving from short and static keywords to conversational semantic phrases, otherwise known as long-tail keywords.

Integrating this new formula to your keywords as well as your content by creating long-form FAQ based material will help your brand shoot up to the top of the voice search queue.

7. Chatbots for the Win

We’ve talked about how effective and important voice-based content is, but it won’t do to ignore the written content with falls into the chatbot realm.

AI-powered chatbots —while already extremely popular for customer service functions — will keep growing in popularity and usefulness.

Not only does it cut costs for businesses, but it also eases the way for your website visitors getting the answers they want, which in turn boosts the conversion numbers and increases leads.

8. On-Brand Personalization

Businesses are already integrating personalization as a core aspect of their brand and through their customer interactions to drive engagement.

But in 2020, it’ll be taken to the next level as customers are becoming more self-sufficient and technologically savvy.

Big Capabilities

There is a shift from the “big idea” that has been hammered into marketers’ heads over and over for the last three years to the use of analytics to create big capabilities.

The big idea was centered around creating a single concept that represents your brand across a variety of channels.

Now, the big capabilities idea revolves around understanding the context of a person, which is the building unit of your targeted audience.

This understanding will be used to personalize the end-to-end customer experience across all platforms on a global scale.

Getting to Know the “Best Truth”

In the simplest of terms, the best truth is a synthesized image of your customer.

Using big capabilities, which gives you a variety of data points like psychographics, purchase behavior, and your customers’ devices, and many others; you can create an accurate image of your customer.

This image will tell you where your customers will be as well as help you anticipate their actions, which is the digital marketing gold of boosting your conversion rates.

Ready to Take Your B2B Business to the Next Level?

We know that trying to keep up with digital marketing trends can be tough.

But, now that you are armed with the top eight digital marketing trends of 2020, you can prepare your digital marketing strategy months in advance.

Still want to learn more about B2B digital marketing?

We’ve got you! Make sure to check out our blog for the latest top advice and strategies.


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