Why and how to start 2023 with Contact Information up to date

30 March 2023

Proper maintenance of the client contact database helps to work effectively with the target audience. 

By Kompass International

30 March 2023

Proper maintenance of the client contact database helps to work effectively with the target audience. With its help you can:

  • segment customers by geography, budget and other parameters;
  • find an approach to each potential customer and attract new ones more easily;
  • to analyze and satisfy the needs of individual target groups;
  • competently build a marketing strategy;
  • to increase the quality of service;
  • to keep in touch with loyal customers

Why update contacts in the client database?

Keeping your customer database up-to-date is your step forward in the competitive marketplace. If you have the real information on your current and possible customers, it will enable you to be at the top of the market. All information becomes outdated over time, so keeping a current customer database fresh will be one of the biggest advantages to your business.

Properly and regularly updating your customer base will allow you to have up-to-date information about your customers, business partners, and their various contact information.

Accurate and updated information allows you to keep pace and not be distracted by non-target audiences, focusing on your potential customer base.

Regularly cleaning the database of irrelevant contacts makes it possible to:

  • not to slow down your workflow
  • increase working capacity
  • reduce competition
  • identify weak points
  • increase the sales conversion rate and the number of satisfied clients

How to keep existing customer database up to date

Every growing company over time faces the need to organize and automate its client lists. The best way to do this is to use a turnkey solution that allows you to update, enrich, and clean your collected data.

For the company’s activities to be effective, it is necessary to have the following information about clients:

  • company name, its contact information (address, phone, email, website, social media)
  • first name, last name, position of the company employees with whom you are (or will be) communicating. The more decision makers in your database, the better;
  • data on financial turnover (to monitor the stability of the company);
  • data on the company products and services (to enable segmentation by type of activity).
  • data on exports and/or imports (to assess the company capabilities in foreign markets).

In addition, the maintenance of the client database should take into account:

  • Changes taking place in the client’s infrastructure: opening of new offices, point of sale expansion, personnel changes, etc.
  • Migration processes. Some customers, for one reason or another, change their place of business.

Since today information changes at an unusually high rate, data quickly becomes outdated if they are not updated in a timely manner. The client contact database requires constant work with it, updating and adding fresh information.

Our data integration services are designed to fully address the challenges of keeping your existing client contact database up-to-date.

Our services include:

  • Data audit
  • Data cleaning
  • Data matching
  • Deduplication
  • Unification of data presentation
  • Data updating
  • Data enriching

How to build a customer database from scratch

If you don’t have a client database, you need modern digital solutions to collect, process, update and maintain your customer database. They are designed to accomplish the following tasks:

  • conduct market segmentation
  • identify target audience
  • generate leads and lists of potential customers
  • export contact data on leads and update them regularly
  • build a sales pipeline
  • control the quality of sales
  • provide analytics and statistics related to the customer database.

Ways to expand your customer base

There are several ways to expand your client contact database. Every industry is unique, so it’s important to find the right strategy for your business.

Online prospecting and automated lead generation tools based on existing B2B databases are now considered the most productive for expanding your customer database.

How Sales Accelerator can help create and maintain your customer database

Implementing digital solutions to build and maintain an up-to-date level of customer database, such as EasyBusiness Sales Accelerator, solves such pressing business problems as:

  • Lead Generation. With a database of 60 million companies, you can generate and export lists of potential customers by 60 search criteria and from 70 countries in a few clicks.
  • Relevance. Thanks to smart alerts, the contact information in the created database will be constantly updated and enriched with new leads.
  • Working with leads. Sales Accelerator stores all data on interactions with customers from the first contact to the payment. You can structure tasks, assign responsible managers and control their work.
  • Sales analysis. It allows you to monitor the flow of leads, the number of completed transactions, conversion rates at each stage of the sales funnel.
  • Employee activity. Monitor the work of each sales rep and determine who sells well and who doesn’t.
  • Approaches to communication with the client. The online module standardizes managers’ work, so the interaction results are less dependent on human factor.
  • Database security. There are different levels of access to information in the system, and if an employee quits his job, he loses access to the client database and will not be able to steal it.
  • Staff turnover. The online module stores information on each stage of communication with a client and its results. If necessary, the client account can be transferred to another manager, even if he has not dealt with this deal before.
  • Conversion. Sales Accelerator alerts managers of calls, appointments, emails, which increases customer loyalty and conversions.

Such digital services are specifically created to automate processes related to lead generation and data export, as well as contact management, sales and analytics. This is both the most comfortable and the most reliable way to maintain a large client database.

To sum it up

  1. A reliable customer database helps you effectively sell and build relationships with clients in a variety of scenarios. To build your database, use EasyBusiness as the most reliable lead generation tool.
  2. Proper database maintenance is just as important as developing it. The database is easy to work with when it has a clear structure and segmentation. Segment your database by your criteria, export data for further processing and with the help of Sales Accelerator update and enrich it automatically with no effort nor manual work.
  3. Update and enrich your customer database, using Kompass data integration services – to increase your sales by keeping the quality and reliability of the information.
  4. Use to the fullest extent our analytics tools, sales funnel settings, synchronization with other accounts, and data protection.

We work to ensure that your customer contact database is always up to date.


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