Why Email Marketing still works

7 November 2022

Email is still a popular method of correspondence in the business world. 

By Kompass International

7 November 2022

Email is still a popular method of correspondence in the business world.

There are 300 billion Emails sent around the world every day and the number keeps growing daily. Why? For the great reason that Email allows any sender to interact directly with any recipient – any time, any place.

Email marketing campaigns are rarely used to start a long term dialogue, but to inform or motivate a user to take a certain action.

Why Email marketing is still popular

Despite the growth of other methods of communication, Email is not losing market share until now.

According to Barillance statistics, the ROI in Email marketing is 38 to 70 to 1! That is, every euro spent on Email generates 38 to 70 euros in profits.

Email marketing offer huge benefits that are hard to beat through other channels.

  • customers are asked permission to appear in their zone of attention;
  • a customer can stop receiving emails in a couple of clicks if they don’t like something;
  • people tend to have a reverent attitude toward their mail. And with each unread email, a person worries that they might have missed something interesting and important;
  • a customer often has the opportunity to respond to the email, which is drastically different from other channels where the impact tends to be one-way.

These factors build a lot of trust in email marketing from people and result in great metrics for businesses.

Email marketing is a difficult and time-consuming process to develop – because you need to start somehow by collecting an audience and making decision makers interested in something. And that’s where professional B2B databases come to the rescue – their detailed classification and proper segmentation allow you to build prospecting lists for successful Email campaigns.

Effectiveness of Email campaigns of different types

Effectiveness of Email campaign mainly depends on how well the content of your email motivate people to click on the link.

Email type CTOR CTR Conversion
Newsletter 23% 18% 1%
Reminder letters about the order 46% 16% 5%
Reminders to inactive subscribers 39% 19% 2,5%
Abandoned cart 47% 28% 5%
Reminder letters to subscribers 39% 22% 2,5%

Types of Email campaigns

The golden rule: set one goal – choose one strategy. Why you can’t have two birds with one stone?

Let’s reveal the secrets of chain mailings which really pay off.

Mailing lists can be divided into several types:


Newsletters are a type of Email marketing aimed at informing the audience about your news, tips, updates, new product or company promotions.

According to statistics, newsletters are the most popular type of emails – they are preferred by 81 percent of marketers globally.

Notification and alert emails

Statistics show that an average office employee spends 13 hours during the work week dealing with emails.

That means you have a great opportunity to generate a lead or sale from a simple welcome email.

What is the purpose of a welcome email?

  • invite the recipient to use your products and services;
  • give the customer more useful information that will interest him;
  • find out from potential customers what exactly they are interested in and collect feedback.

Email campaign criteria

According to 2020 statistics from Campaignmonitor, you can identify the average effectiveness of Email campaign metrics:

  • The best day for open rates is Tuesday.
  • Average percentage of undelivered emails is 0.7%
  • Average unsubscribe rate 0.1%
  • Average CTOR 14,3%
  • Average CTR 2,3%
  • Average open rate 17.8%

But you should also understand that everything depends dramatically on the business niche.

The sectors with the highest CTOR:

  • Media and publishing
  • Hobbies
  • Gambling
  • Computer Games
  • Promotions / Coupons / Promo Codes

The sectors with the lowest CTOR:

  • Offers from restaurants
  • Construction & Repair
  • Real Estate
  • Politics

With EasyList email list building service, you’ll get a list of potential B2B customers, reducing the risks of sending an email offer to the wrong addresses.

Essentials for work in 2022:

  • Constantly update and increase of your database
  • Clever database segmentation
  • Truly useful content
  • Launch of email chains

Email marketing trends in 2022:

1. Personalisation

To get attention today, it’s not enough just to point out the name of your recipient.

  • Don’t launch a bulk email campaign for too broad audience – select those who will actually be interested in.
  • Use trigger topics.
  • Show how your product or service will solve the potential buyer’s problem.

2. Automation and segmentation

Automation helps you perform more accurate analytics and segmentation of your database.

The more accurately the metrics and selection criteria are defined, the more effective the emailing is. That’s why in 2022 you can’t do without B2B databases.

3. Interactive emails

Interactive emails generate 2x more conversions! Today’s recipients are bored of reading just text, they like animation and the presence of useful links in the email.

Use gamification and quizzes, they also help to collect more information about the participants.

4. Digital Minimalism

As opposed to interactive format, use minimalist emails by integrating a variety of formats into your email message.

Minimalism is a global design trend and the best way to take care of your readers. Lots of information and motley images can be annoying, while short, well formatted emails are much easier to read.

5. Adapting emails for mobile devices

Savvy marketers always make sure their content fits well on all formats. And ignoring the specifics of mobile devices in contemporary environment is one of the reasons for unsuccessful email campaign.

  • Mobile device owners account for 95% of the population (according to Deloitte)
  • According to a report by Statista, more than 55% of internet traffic comes from smartphones.
  • Almost 70% of people use mobile devices to review products.

People used to mobile-friendly designs will no longer read unoptimised emails.

In conclusion

Email campaigns are a powerful tool for prospecting, whether it’s about outreach, cold sales or dealing with your customer database.

Today SEO, marketing and sales are more focused on Email than ever before.

With the decline in the effectiveness of link exchanges in link building and social media advertising, you have to work more actively in prospecting directly: if you are interested in areas such as the proper database creation for targeted email campaigns, as well as tools for their processing and updating – do not hesitate to Contact us.


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