Why is it important to share news of your company on Internet?

The frequency of refreshed, relevant content on a corporate blog or news feed has a direct relevance to the search engine optimization. Regularly updated quality content increases indexing and strengthens online reputation.

It is worth remembering that quality is much more important than regularity of posting: content that responds to search queries has no expiration date, receiving views from interested people day in and day out.

News are an ideal type of content that needs regular and frequent updates. Fresh news are always in demand, relevant and appealing, especially if they are original and unusual.

But what about companies who don’t have their own blog or newsfeed, and it’s too time-consuming and expensive to create them?

For those companies that don’t have a blog, but still have enough changes or events in their company to keep it up regularly, we offer such a solution for digital content presentation as Booster – with its help, you can promptly publish relevant posts, press releases and news in order to strengthen your online reputation.

Why strengthen your online reputation?

In the digital age, reputation management has become an important aspect of any business. And what kind of reputation a company, its product or services have developed has a direct impact on sales growth and other performance indicators.

It is important for every company that is striving for sustainable growth to properly build its public image, work on it and monitor the reaction to it from the target audience.

According to a Linkedin-Edelman report, 54% of decision makers say they spend more than one hour per week reading and reviewing thought-leadership content.

They review news, articles, reviews, posts. Show your brand strengths: use different formats to interact with this audience!

Let’s see how to make news content in your company business profile engaging for visitors and useful for your company.

Post good news regularly

A newsfeed or a corporate blog means the content that, if approached correctly, works for you. If you post quality news regularly, search engines will appreciate it. As a result, a target audience will come to your business profile and further to your website.

Text for news and press releases – basic criteria and tips

Before writing text, always consider important SEO requirements:

  • analyze high-frequency user queries;
  • stick to the recommended amount of text – at least 3,000 characters;
  • monitor the uniqueness of the text, it should be at least 95%;
  • control the amount of non-thematic and too general word phrases, it should not be more than 30-50%;
  • control the amount of “water” – non-thematic text and general verbiage should not be more than 30-50%;
  • remember keywords, but do not overdo it – their density should be 4 to 8%.

Be useful to your reader

The purpose of blog or newsfeed texts is to help your reader with their problems. Many people come back for more information where they once found something interesting. In this way, you will build your company reputation as an expert.

Imagine a user who reads news on his favorite portal every day. Most likely, he is used to the style and presentation of material on this site, shares its values and looks at the world from the same angle. By news content posting on the business platforms that its target audience prefers, the brand is more likely to “reach out” to them and get a response in the form of increased sales.

Benefits of regularly updated news content:

1. Sharing news content will generate demand

To want to buy something brand new, you have to learn about it first, don’t you? After reading a news story about a new product or service, an article about eco-friendly raw materials, or an interview with the head of a startup for whatever automating, the reader may suddenly realize: this is exactly what I need!

That’s why it’s important to pique buyers’ interest in advance with publications on the online resources your target audience visits. According to available data, 56% of marketers who leverage blogging say it’s effective and 10% say it generates the biggest return on investment.

Don’t forget about trendsetters – the most interested in innovations part of the audience. By regularly sharing publications about a new product in the news feed, the company can get strong support from the fans of innovation. Although these wonderful fellows make up a small number of consumers, they are the first to test new products and technologies – and then popularize them to the masses.

The point about “demand generation” is relevant not only for B2C, but also for B2B companies. They need to focus on specialized platforms visited by executives, decision makers and business owners.

2. Search results will display positive content about your company

Let’s imagine that the user saw your ad or somehow found out about the project. If he is interested, the first thing he will do is enter the name of your project into the search engine. What will he see there? Your site alone will not be enough to motivate him to buy. And if the first page of the search results will be several articles or news on well-known online platforms? That’s a whole other level.

If your business is new to the market, then publishing news content will help to create a positive information field around it.

3. News sharing increase the recognition of the project and the trust of the audience

Readers think of it this way: if your brand is mentioned on major media platforms, it means it deserves attention and trust.

Brand recognition means high credibility among the audience. Consumers are often willing to pay more for a well-known brand because its reputation provides a guarantee of quality. Regular news content sharing on the pages of influential online resources can be a strong argument in favor of the decision to purchase.

Of course, consumer trust is also influenced by many other factors – positioning in social networks, statistical data, cooperation with opinion leaders, famous partners and clients, the presence of awards and much more.

4. Expertise of a speaker will increase reputation of the whole company

News, press releases, articles, interviews on topics relevant to your market allow the speaker to show his competence and create an expert reputation. In many cases, such materials are much more effective than direct advertising, to which users have already developed an immunity (and sometimes a persistent allergy).

Ideally, when the target audience receives valuable information about solutions to their immediate problems, it begins to trust the speaker as an expert. This trust then naturally cover  the company as a whole.

As a bottom line

Should your company publish news content? If you want positive infospace around your business, trust from your target audience, and high conversion to sales, this type of news sharing is a must. The basis of success in creating online reputation is constant work. To achieve the desired effect, you need to constantly flicker on the information radar, present yourself in different ways and talk about the company from different angles.

Show your expertise, share your cases, tell success stories. Any of your achievements can be turned into an information tool that will help promote your company.


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