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Booster International

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Booster International is a unique tailored solution to International companies, mainly Exporters which offers a way to be found by B2B Customers and to stand out from the crowd across the globe. Create an online showcase for your business in Kompass Globe B2B portal and start reaching more than 5.5 Million professionals per month.

  • Picto/2_Possibility of visibility in up to 66 countries simultaneously Created with Sketch. Enhanced visibility on a global level
  • Verified credibility for your company
  • Picto/Manager Copy Created with Sketch. Qualified contacts from +60 countries
  • Picto/3_Telemarketing campaigns: Appointments settings and business surveys Created with Sketch. Multilingual pack up to 28 languages

Boost your web ranking Globally

Export companies are in constant look for global visibility of their company and promoting their products internationally.
Booster International can help you reach more than 34 million B2B buyers who use Kompass every year.

Be seen as trustworthy

Elevate your brand name through having a complete profile and exposure in the different portals of Kompass Worldwide. It will help you boost the credibility of your company as part of Kompass Community, top source of reliable business information.


Create your own online Company Profile in 28 languages

Booster International is a unique solution tailored to Exporters and International B2B companies looking for increased visibility and identifying new opportunities in a Global level: Add your products, upload company news, videos, and catalogues and we will do the rest.

Discover new market opportunities

Get to be known, breaking deals with potential customers and partners around the globe. Benefit from our international advanced analytics on your online visitors and SEO support to reach a wider audience in line with your objectives and the Markets of your interest.


Measure your return on investment

Build and enrich your pipeline with meaningful leads on a global level. Receive your monthly activity report by email and analyse your audience in real time: Views of your profile, clicks to your site, calls and messages received. We will also provide you International advanced insights to identify and analyze new opportunities, market and demand.

Get guaranteed minimum results

If you are looking for guaranteed minimum results, Booster Clicks is your solution. You can be sure that within a set period you will get 1000 clicks!

You can choose the market you want to reach from a list of 60 of countries and set up the language(s) (more than 25 available) in which you would like to reach your target audience.


Booster international

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A B2B visibility accelerator internationally

  • Translation tool in 28 languages
  • Global SEO Support
  • International advanced insights
  • Tags and keywords
  • Unlimited products, News, videos & catalogues

A Company profile in our Global B2B portal

  • Where B2B suppliers meet B2B buyers
  • +5.5M unique global visitors/month
  • +60 countries
  • Kompass unique classification
  • Trusted supplier Community

Tested. Proven

With Booster International, our SEO solution for B2B Exporters and International Companies, will help you improve your web presence and online popularity in both domestic and international markets.
Thanks to completely personalized accompaniment, you will be well ranked in other markets and can permanently measure the performance of your activity.

Booster International packages

Increase the benefits of Booster even further

Power up your business results with

They boosted their business with our products

Whether SME or big companies, 10 000 of them use our solutions daily

Filto Profiles, Ltd

Filto Profiles, Ltd

Metals, Machinery & Engineering

B2B traffic and leads increase

“Thanks to Booster my company has a prominent presence in the B2B community and I am frequently contacted by clients looking for products from my sector on the Internet.”

Xavier Serrat - Manager
So.Tec, Ltd

So.Tec, Ltd


More visibility and B2B leads

“Thanks to Booster by Kompass, which we have been using for years, I could give more visibility to the company, increasing leads and traffic to the corporate website. A convenient solution that I would totally advice."

Nicola Tagliabue – Commercial Director

Our clients grew their business

Kawasaki Shell Nacex DHM Hewlett Packard Abus
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Increase your search results with our unique SEO solution for B2B companies

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