BackLinks for B2B Companies

If you're confused by all the jargon surrounding link-building and backlinks, this article will shed some much-needed light on link-building.

By Kompass International

The pandemic has driven more worldwide sales to the e-commerce market. The “COVID-19 and E-commerce” global survey reported a six to ten percent increase. This means you need a significant online presence to remain competitive.

Building a strong backlinks profile is an essential strategy for reaching this goal. Keep reading to find a guide to backlinks and solutions available to help your business.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links on other websites that direct readers to pages on your domain. Having other sites link to your domain builds your “backlink profile.” A well-constructed profile increases your domain’s relevance, diversity, and overall strength.

How do backlinks work?

Your backlink profile may contain many links from the same site. Or, you may have referrals from several different domains. Your site serves as an authoritative source for their information when they link your domain.

The optimal scenario is when your site has unique, valuable content that others want to share. This builds your domain’s respect, and referring domains gain authority by association.

How important are backlinks?

In today’s race to capture internet search attention, backlinks can boost visibility. It’s crucial to ensure that you have a quality backlink profile to attract the desired viewers.

Avoid allowing spam websites to link to your domain. Google penalizes these sites, and this could impact your search engine optimization (SEO). It’s best to have links from websites with high domain authority and search engine trust.

Strive for quality instead of quantity. Having one high-quality backlink can increase your SEO ranking. This increases high-level referrals and attracts the businesses and customers you want.

Over time, your site builds a reputation as reliable and trustworthy. Likewise, customers form the same beliefs about your business, leading to increased revenue.

Backlinks and link-building

Now the question is, “How do I build my backlink profile?” Many businesses choose to work with experts like Kompass. Our “Booster” solution guides you through the process in the following ways.

Optimize SEO ranking

Booster uses a unique SEO solution to increase your company’s online visibility. They will help you reach number one in the search results for targeted queries.

Your business will also appear in the Kompass Global B2B directory. Each year, 34 million B2B customers locate new suppliers via this source.

Build a reputation as a trustworthy business

Customers spend time searching for businesses that demonstrate professionalism and competence. Many individuals have fallen prey to scammers and, thus, have their guard up.

Booster promotes your company as legitimate and trustworthy. This is invaluable when establishing B2B arrangements on the global market.

Ensure a positive first impression

Many studies have tested how fast people make a first impression. The results range from 100 milliseconds to 27 seconds. A Princeton study reported that the quickest decisions involved attractiveness and trustworthiness.

Your site’s homepage is often the first image a customer sees to reflect your company. Have you landed on a site that’s cluttered, disorganized, and ugly? Did you stay on that page?

Booster helps you develop high-quality landing and profile pages to showcase your business. This will attract new B2B buyers and promote a positive impression.

Booster also uploads company news, new products, videos, and catalogs. They will ensure that your page stays current. Customer satisfaction quickly falls if they find that the site isn’t up to date.

Ensure that you meet your minimum threshold

In all marketing plans, you have a minimum acceptable threshold to measure success. Kompass has a function called Booster Clicks that tracks online clicks. This allows you to set and monitor the success of your online marketing activity.

You have the option of reaching 60 countries in more than 25 different languages. Booster will manage this process for you.

Using Booster to build your site

Successful outcomes depend on quality planning upfront. The following describes the Booster process for building your backlink profile.

Make a connection

Begin by creating your booster page. You will need to go to and log in to your account.

Create your customer space

Once you’re logged in, you can begin creating your customer space. You will have several ready-to-use options for the home page. There are short-cuts available for news, products, videos, and catalogs.

Booster provides more options, including calendars and client recommendations. You also can promote specific company events as well.

Company profile

Next, you can create a company profile page. Many customers visit this page to learn about your history, vision, and mission. You can include geographic locations, logo, and contact, social media, and website info.

Product and service information

On these pages, you have space for product pictures, descriptions, prices, and more. Be sure to choose the language so that Kompass can provide proper indexing. International subscribers can have their information translated to reach all customers.

Showcase products or services

Your company may wish to showcase specific items. Marketing products related to specific seasons or events can boost sales. As soon as you publish this showcase, Kompass will increase your indexed search engine ranking.

Post videos

Consider posting videos to capture the attention of prospective clients. This can include demonstrations of your product or service. You may even post tutorials to help people complete tasks.

Include a catalog

Customers enjoy the convenience of well-designed online catalogs. This allows them to shop for the product or service they need quickly. Always keep your product pages because that’s how a user searches land on your page, and therefore, products receive 3x more traffic than the rest of the pages.

Are you looking for a B2B marketing solution?

Backlinks can elevate your business status and visibility. Creating unique, valuable site content attracts other domains to align themselves with you. Multiple backlinking to your site drives up your SEO rankings.

Kompass offers innovative B2B information services in more than 70 countries. Our experts help you make the right contacts with companies to build your business. Tap into our connections with governmental and private institutions worldwide.

Talk to the team today to learn how we can boost your business.


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