How to improve online visibility and attract a B2B audience

20 May 2021

Not every business is a success and many fall victim to forgetting how to attract a b2b audience through online visibility. Our guide will help you navigate.

By Kompass International

20 May 2021

Did you know that 75% of customers use more tools to research their B2B purchases? This is one of the many reasons why B2B marketing is so important.

Are you struggling to introduce your brand and products to the world? Kompass can help you with our Booster tool. Booster aims to ensure you have a complete marketing profile so you never miss a sales opportunity.

Here’s more insight into Booster, how it works, and how to use this tool to drive B2B traffic and generate B2B leads.

What is Booster?

Booster is an SEO solution where you can create a high-quality company profile. This tool was built for small and medium-sized businesses to enhance their visibility on the web.

Booster makes it easy for search queries to target your business, ensuring you rank high in search engine results.

Your Booster profile will also appear on Kompass’s Global Business-to-Business Directory, where 34 billion buyers can use your business as a new supplier.

Your Booster profile gives your business a high-quality presentation.

How does Booster work?

Booster offers many tools that enhance your web visibility, on both search engines and within Kompass’s B2B database.

Kompass can promote your business even further, listing your profile in different categories such as “Product Showcase,” “Recommended Products,” and rank you in the Top 3 positions of your activity.

With that being said, you’ll have to create a company profile on Kompass’s Booster tool. Here are essential areas that you should pay attention to.

Activity description

Activity Description aims to describe your business. The more detailed your description, the better you will be identified by search engines and Kompass’s platform.

A detailed description will also better attract buyers, ensuring you only do business with relevant prospects in your industry.

What do you add to your description? Focus on as many company details as you can. This includes your satisfaction rate, the number of clients you have, and any testimonials.

Booster offers different formatting tools to make your description easier to read. Booster also makes it easy for prospects to find your brand with classification codes, the specific activities you offer, and the order of activity priorities.

You should avoid copying and pasting the information on your website since this results in duplicate content that impacts your search results negatively.

Booster recommends you use relevant keywords to enhance your performance on search engine results, which leads us to our next point.


We recommend all brands conduct keyword research before writing their description. Keywords enhance visibility on Kompass’s directory as well as on search engine results.

Booster offers a keyword list where you can input unlimited keywords. If you use Booster’s International package, you can signify which country you’re attracting by posting your keywords in up to 25 languages.

From here, use the keywords in your content so search engine bots can crawl your description and identify your keywords.

There are many keyword tools out there that show essential metrics, such as traffic volume, difficulty, and competition.

Try and use keywords with the most traffic volume and low competition. We also suggest finding keywords in your specific niche to ensure you’re attracting the right audience.


Every company profile will offer a news section. These sections can be broken down into these categories:

  • News and events
  • What’s new
  • Blog and similar pages

You can easily classify your post type by using the “news type” section.

Booster offers different tools to better optimize your news section, such as visuals. Visuals like images enhance your message and offer a more beautiful way to communicate with your audience.

Write your content in the description of the post. Don’t forget to optimize your post with a well-written title. If you have Booster International, you can write your news section in different languages. This brings us to our next point.


The Booster International Package (which we will go over in the next section) lets you translate your profile into over 25 languages.

Even though English is the main global language and the one mainly used in a B2B environment, international brands should offer their business services in multiple languages.

That’s because most buyers will first begin searches in their own language before switching to English. You’ll also be able to perform better in localized search engine results when using the country’s language.

What if you don’t speak multiple languages? Booster offers an effective translation tool that can translate your text into 25 languages. You can also change the default language if it’s not in English.

Booster packages

As stated in the last section, Booster offers an international service as well as others. The Booster packages are:

  • Booster ONE
  • Booster Local Premium
  • Booster International

Not sure which package you should select? You can always ask Kompass local customer service for a recommendation.

Types of content marketing that will generate results

The best way to achieve even more B2B results is by utilizing content marketing. Fortunately, Booster lets you publish many forms of content directly on your profile. Here’s what all you can achieve on Booster.


Videos are a great way to reach and attract your audience. Which is why 94% of marketers think video is a key element in any marketing strategy. You can upload a variety of videos directly on Booster, such as video tutorials.

You can upload up to 20 videos on Booster Premium and International, while International also allows you to index videos in up to 25 languages.

Social media

Half of the global population is on social media. To increase your social media reach, you can add all social media profiles to Booster and even your company website. All your backlinks will have the attribute “Do Follow” in order to rank you better in Search engines.

Use Booster for your B2B marketing today

If you’re a B2B business, marketing to your correct buyers is an integral way to increase leads and sales. With so many ways to use B2B marketing, most businesses will benefit from an all-in-one solution like Booster.

Booster’s business profiles will easily enhance your search engine results and can better attract your audience. You’ll also appear on Kompass’s B2B portal, opening you up to a wide pool of customers.

Are you ready to get started? Contact Kompass today!


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