5 essential marketing actions for VSBs and SMEs

As the head of a small organization, do you not have the resources, human or financial, to implement an effective marketing strategy? Stop with the misconceptions!

Kompass International

By Kompass International

Nowadays, thanks to digital tools, high-quality communication is within reach for everyone. Kompass gives you 5 reasons why.

1. An up-to-date website

One-third of French VSBs/SMEs still don’t have a website! (FR) However, a website is the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Effectively an online business card, it should in excellent condition because it is often the first point of contact between you and your future customers. (FR)

Between free options, specialized agencies, and independent developers, there are solutions for any budget. (FR)

A few golden rules to remember:

  • Think UX (User Experience)! Your website should be simple and easy to use.
  • Work on your SEO to increase your visibility among your targets. (FR) Register for online directories!
  • Regularly update content to encourage the customer to come back.
  • Adapt your website to be mobile-first using responsive web design.

2. A strategy optimized for social media

Having a website is good, but you must also have a social media presence to stand out.

The perfect complement, a website will help you increase visibility and notoriety by giving you direct contact with your customers and prospective customers.

Before getting started, develop a strategy and an editorial policy. You can refer to the article written by the Kompass team giving you tips to get the most out of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram based on your resources and needs. (FR)

Keep in mind that a well-thought-out social media presence should be considered an investment—more of time than money.

In the digital age, cultivating a modern and connected image is essential to your business, a matter of survival! (FR)

3. Emailing, the ROI channel!

Email still has some good days ahead of it! It remains users’ preferred channel to interact with brands. (FR)

There are multiple advantages: A campaign can be launched in less than an hour, it quickly reaches a maximum number of targets, and it is considered the champion of ROI by 83% of marketing professionals! (FR)

There are several prerequisites to a successful campaign:

  • Pay particular attention to the content by adding value through the quality of information or the promotional offers—and avoid ending up in the spam folder or trash!
  • Use performance indicators (deliverability, open rate, time spent reading, etc.) to improve your campaigns and efficiency.

4. Proximity marketing, success at your fingertips

As a VSB/SME, your primary target will be people who live close to you. And that’s good, since 25% of Google searches are local in nature! (FR)

The ultimate tool to take advantage of geolocation is Google Business, which has the added bonus of being free. You can create a business profile (contact information, hours, photos, etc.), which will earn you a place on Google Maps.

Your profile will also be the preferred point of contact with your customers because they can leave comments.

Be very attentive and take the time to respond to them, especially if they are negative. In fact, 69% of French people consult online reviews before calling a professional. (FR)

5. Data, your new secret weapon

Big data, only for big companies? False! Even if you’re at the head of a small organization, you can make data a valuable ally today.

More and more sales intelligence solutions for VSBs/SMEs are becoming available on the market.

Inexpensive and easy to use, they will help you become a wiz at managing data.

By using data such as user profiles, geolocation, site visits, or purchasing habits, you will have all the tools to refine your knowledge of the customer and better adjust your marketing actions to your offers. Same time and money, guaranteed!

Digital has opened a world of opportunities to professionals, and that goes for VSBs/SMEs too.


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